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Doddington Hall, Cheshire

Built-in 1777, Doddington Hall is situated in the beautiful county of Cheshire just 500 metres south of Doddington Castle. Although not open to the public all year round, this stunning three-story manor house, built of Keuper sandstone, is still a popular tourist destination.

Creative Commons Photo by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

The History of the Doddington Estate

Through the Civil War, Doddington Castle was owned by Sir Thomas Delves. In January 1944, Lord Byron overwhelmed the castle and took possession of it for King Charles, but it was promptly taken back.

In the early 17th Century, the castle was expanded. A sizable manor house called Doddington Hall was added to the building. Sir Thomas Delves and his family lived in Doddington Hall until the late 18th Century. It was then sold to Sir Thomas Broughton who had part of Dodington demolished, leaving just the Jacobean staircase and the Loggia on the east side of the castle. He also left the 14th century tower intact as a landscape feature.

Sir Thomas then went on to have a new hall built. The new Doddington Hall was finally completed in 1777. Since its completion, Doddington Hall has had several owners. During WWII, Doddington Hall was used by the US army as a headquarters, and after the war, it became an all-girls school. This stunning building remained an all-girls school until the late 1990s. Nowadays, Doddington Castle and Hall are part of the Doddington Estate.

The Most Notable Room in Doddington Hall

Of all the spaces in Doddington Hall, the spherical saloon can stand in comparison with some of the most noteworthy rooms designed contemporaneously by Samuel’s more renowned brother James Wyatt and by their great rivals – the brothers Adam.

The Tramway

Adjoining Doddington Hall is a curved maintenance wing along the length, of which a tramway runs at basement level. The tramway was once utilised for moving fuel and food from the domestic quarters to the main house.

Visiting the Doddington Estate

The Doddington Estate is open to the public on a selection of weekends between April and August. The estate also takes part in the National Heritage Open Days Event.

Parking is available in front of Doddington Hall, with access from the main entrance of the A51.

Other Things to Do Nearby

While visiting the beautiful county of Cheshire, do not forget to pay a visit to some of the following places:

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  • The Brindley Theatre – opened in 2004, the Brindley Theatre is a centre for arts and entertainment.

The Doddington Estate in Cheshire is a privately held estate that has been home to the Delves Broughton’s for more than 650 years. Although not open to the public all year round, Doddington Hall and the nearby Doddington Castle is open to the public on certain days of the year.

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