Buxton England 

Blue Lagoon of Buxton

The Blue Lagoon of Buxton isn’t quite the paradise you might imagine based on the name alone, as the picturesque blue waters here are actually not safe to swim in. Still, it remains a popular tourist attraction just because of how it looks, and some visitors defiantly go swimming anyway despite the clearly posted warnings – not recommended (see reasons below). Still, this attraction has managed to keep an interesting mystique to it, so many tourists still stop by and see it just to take pictures and learn the odd…

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Buxton England The Peak District 


The Peak District as a whole is one of the most beautiful places in England, and within it, you can find some really unique and interesting towns. The name Buxton may resonate with you as a brand of mineral water, and indeed, it does come from here, but there is much more to this spa town than that. Located within easy reach of Manchester and Derby, in the heart of the High Peak area, Buxton is regularly voted one of the best destinations in England to visit, and for good…

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