Dawlish England Exeter 


There is something about Dawlish that has you reminiscing of times gone by. It could be the fact that it’s a beautiful seaside resort with lots of Victorian charm, or it could be that there is such a sense of community here that it can appear that the reality of harsh modern living hasn’t interrupted the way that the town goes about its daily business. Here you can still enjoy a traditional family holiday beside the sea. This was once nothing more than a small fishing village where the income…

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England Exeter 


Exeter has more than a millennia of history within its boundaries, which gives the city something of a unique atmosphere. Everywhere you look there are historic buildings and ancient architecture just screaming their links to the past. Exeter is the main city in the county of Devonshire and despite all of the thousands of years of history that it contains it remains a vibrant and young place, which could in part be due to the fact that it is a university town. This is where you will find some of…

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