Bristol: The money-saving guide

If you haven’t heard the news, Bristol is fast becoming one of the premier travel destinations in the UK. Sure, London is always going to top the charts, but in terms of alternatives Bristol is completely worthy of a mention. Of course, with interest in this city increasing from a tourist perspective, prices can as well. Fortunately, hotels in the Bristol region – which is packed with things to do – are still reasonable, but in terms of your other expenses you do need to be careful to stay on…

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Bristol England 


Bristol lies on the cusp of the West Country and is a great place to stay for a night, a weekend, or longer. A lot of visitors pass through Bristol in their haste to reach the historic city of Bath or continue on to Devon and Cornwall, but Bristol has loads to offer so it is worth spending a bit of time there exploring its many attractions. The city is a major cultural centre with a thriving music scene and a host of theatres, festivals, restaurants and shops; it also…

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