Bristol: The money-saving guide

If you haven’t heard the news, Bristol is fast becoming one of the premier travel destinations in the UK.

Sure, London is always going to top the charts, but in terms of alternatives Bristol is completely worthy of a mention.

Of course, with interest in this city increasing from a tourist perspective, prices can as well. Fortunately, hotels in the Bristol region – which is packed with things to do – are still reasonable, but in terms of your other expenses you do need to be careful to stay on budget.

Today’s post will take a look at just how you can do this if you have decided to visit this South Western gem.

Moving around the city

First thing’s first, Bristol is no London when it comes to size. Sure, it might be classed as the 8th biggest city in the country, yet it’s still significantly smaller than the capital and this means that navigating around it is much easier.

In terms of the city centre, combatting this on-foot will be completely comfortable. If you do decide to venture a little further afield, buses cost no more than £3 for a single fare and as such shouldn’t break your budget.

The history of Bristol

As you may have already researched, there are countless attractions dotted around Bristol. For those of you who have one eye on your budget, it can be worth tapping into some of the more historical ones though. Let’s not forget that like most of the country, museums are free to enter. Considering the fact that you have Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and M Shed to name a couple, you have some really interesting elements of history to dive into without spending a penny.

Walking tours are a thing

If you have visited other European cities, you will know all about walking tours. Once upon a time you may have had to jump on a bus and pay extortionate fares to be given a tour of a city, or even paid a private guide.

Now, walking tours have changed tourism. In short, the majority of them are free, and involve a local showing you all of the details of a city that you may have missed.

If we turn to Bristol specifically, there is a free walking tour which runs every weekend, with two available time spots. You don’t have to book in advance for this, so again it’s a great way to see the city without making any sort of mark on your budget.

Take advantage of the student-factor

Finally, if you don’t know much about Bristol, one thing we will make you aware of is that it is a thriving student town. There are numerous university campuses, and this means that the city is completely geared up to student living.

From a money-saving perspective, this obviously plays straight into your hands. If you are visiting on a budget, there are umpteen bars and restaurants that target the student community, and you really don’t have to pay a premium to visit them.


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