Orkney Orkney Islands Scotland 

The Italian Chapel

Located on the tiny uninhabited island of Lamb Homb in Scotland’s memorable Orkney Islands, The Italian Chapel is an inspiring Catholic church that was constructed by prisoners of war during World War II. The site has become a popular tourist destination, attracting more than 100,000 visitors annually. The chapel was started as a makeshift structure consisting of two WWII-era Nissen huts that were adjoined and then covered in other materials. The effort and artistry that went into the chapel’s construction has fuelled awe and inspiration from both locals and tourists,…

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Orkney Islands Scotland 

Scapa Flow

With one of the largest natural harbours anywhere in the world Scapa Flow has been a haven for many ships seeking shelter for the past one thousand years. Today the area is less of a pretty holiday location and more of an interest site for those with an interest in the history of the area and modern industrial technology. There is a major oil terminal here which processes around 10% of the oil transferred from the oil fields in the North Sea. From the terminal the oil is transferred into…

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