Scotland is a country in the northern part of the island of Great Britain. Along with England, to the south, and Wales, to the southwest, and Northern Ireland on the other British island, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Scotland is about 30,000 square miles in area, which is about the size of the state of South Carolina. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Scotland can be divided into three main parts, the Highlands in the north, the Lowlands in the center, and the Uplands in the south. The coastline is rocky and irregular, indented with many sea lochs (narrow inlets) and firths (wide inlets). The country is dotted with beautiful lakes, also called lochs. Many islands surround Scotland, including the Shetland and the Orkney Islands to the north and the Hebrides to the west. The Uplands are a region of rolling hills and valleys, with many rivers such as the Tweed, the Clyde, and the Teviot. The Lowlands are the most populated.

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