Exploring the Best Kept Secrets of Northern England

Northern England is a treasure trove of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. From picturesque
villages to breathtaking landscapes, this region offers a wealth of attractions that are off the beaten
path. In this article, we will explore some of the best-kept secrets in Northern England that you
shouldn’t miss during your next visit.

1. The Village of Marsden
Nestled in the heart of the Pennines, Marsden is a charming village surrounded by stunning
countryside. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, or embark on a more
adventurous hike to Marsden Moor Estate, which is managed by the National Trust. After a day of
exploring, unwind at one of the village’s traditional pubs or sample some delicious local cuisine.

2. Malham Cove and Gordale Scar
Located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar are two of the region’s
most impressive natural wonders. Malham Cove is a striking limestone amphitheatre, while Gordale
Scar is a dramatic limestone ravine with cascading waterfalls. Both sites can be accessed via a scenic
walking route that takes you through charming countryside and quaint villages.

3. Bury
Bury, just a short distance from Manchester, offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and leisure.
Visit Village Hotels in Bury for a comfortable stay, and make sure to explore the town’s rich heritage,
including Bury Art Museum, the East Lancashire Railway, and the famous Bury Market.

4. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne
Connected to the mainland by a causeway, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a tranquil retreat steeped
in history. Visit the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, the birthplace of the famous Lindisfarne Gospels, and
explore Lindisfarne Castle, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Be sure to check
the tide times before venturing out to the island, as it can only be accessed during low tide.

5. The Bowes Museum
Situated in the market town of Barnard Castle, the Bowes Museum is an impressive French-style
chateau housing a vast collection of European art, textiles, and fashion. The museum is home to
works by renowned artists such as El Greco, Goya, and Canaletto. After exploring the exhibits, take a
stroll through the beautiful gardens and enjoy the stunning views of the Teesdale countryside.

6. The Forbidden Corner
Discover a world of mystery and enchantment at The Forbidden Corner, a unique garden attraction
in North Yorkshire. Filled with statues, hidden tunnels, and secret chambers, this family-friendly
attraction provides hours of fun and adventure for all ages. Make sure to book your tickets in
advance, as entry is by reservation only.

7. Hadrian’s Wall
Step back in time and walk along the ancient Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that
once marked the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. Spanning 73 miles from the east coast to
the west coast, this impressive structure offers a glimpse into the past and provides stunning views

of the surrounding countryside. Along the way, you'll encounter Roman forts, milecastles, and
museums dedicated to the history of the wall and the Roman Empire.

8. The Lake District
A visit to Northern England wouldn't be complete without exploring the breathtaking beauty of the
Lake District National Park. With its picturesque lakes, towering peaks, and charming villages, this
UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Go
for a scenic walk, take a boat trip on one of the lakes, or indulge in some local cuisine at a cosy
country pub.

9. The Angel of the North
Standing tall on the outskirts of Gateshead, the Angel of the North is a contemporary sculpture by
artist Antony Gormley. This iconic landmark, made of steel and measuring 20 meters tall with a
wingspan of 54 meters, has become a symbol of the region and is a must-see when visiting Northern

10. Rievaulx Abbey
Hidden away in the North York Moors, Rievaulx Abbey is a captivating ruin of a 12th-century
Cistercian monastery. Wander through the atmospheric remains, and imagine the lives of the monks
who once inhabited this serene and secluded location. Don't miss the on-site museum, which
displays artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations.
With so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Northern England offers a wealth of
unforgettable experiences for travelers seeking to explore off the beaten path. From picturesque
villages to awe-inspiring landscapes, these lesser-known destinations provide a glimpse into the
region’s rich history and natural beauty. So pack your bags and get ready to uncover the secrets of
Northern England.

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