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Gawsworth Hall

A Grade I listed country house, Gawsworth Hall is in the quaint village of Gawsworth, Cheshire. This stunning hall was constructed between the years 1480 and 1600, replacing a Norman house that once stood there. Since then, it has been continually maintained to a high standard.

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Gawsworth Hall was originally built and owned by the Fitton family, and later by the Gerards, and then the Stanhopes. However, in the 1930s, the property was purchased by the Richards family. The Richards family have not only taken great care of this stunning building, but they have also chosen to collect and incorporate many items from other historic buildings into the hall, making it an even more interesting building to visit.

The area around Gawsworth Hall is also spectacular. Gawsworth Hall is surrounded by parkland and well-maintained gardens. The grounds are Grade II listed, and they contain four Grade II listed buildings including the gate piers, the gatehouse, and the garden walls.

Both the hall and gardens are open to the public at certain times during the year, with many events taking place at this stunning location. Keep reading below to find out more about Gawsworth Hall:

The History of Gawsworth Hall

The original house was built in Norman times but was replaced in the 15th and 16th centuries. Since then, parts of the house have been demolished, and others have been changed greatly.

In 1579, the house was inherited by Sir Edward Fitton. Sir Edward Fitton was the father of Mary Fitton, the mysterious Dark Lady at the centre of many of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Mary was also the maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth I. However, in 1643, Sir Edward Fitton sadly passed away and the estate was passed to Sir Charles Gerard, the Earl of Macclesfield.

In 1700, demolition of parts of the hall took place, and it is believed that the west range was removed at this time. The estate remained in possession of the Gerard family until 1935 when Raymond Richards took ownership. He remained the owner of the hall until 1978 when he died. However, despite Richard’s death, the house is still owned by the Richards family. Over the years, the Richard’s family has collected items from other historic buildings that were being demolished in the 1960s and incorporated them into the house and the grounds.

Gawsworth Hall Gardens

Gawsworth Hall is a black and white Elizabethan house with a 30-acre garden and a 600-acre park. The Park at Gawsworth Hall is surrounded by an impressive Tudor wall. On one side of the park there is a more contemporary rose garden and on the other side a much older garden. This garden is similar to a castle or a renaissance garden. The older garden is enclosed by sixteenth-century brick walls and yew hedges.

Things to Do at Gawsworth Hall

There are lots of things to keep you entertained when visiting Gawsworth Hall. This stunning hall not only displays sculptures, art, stained glass, and historic furniture, but there are also many other attractions too. For example, at certain times of the year, Gawsworth Hall hosts classic car events and craft fairs for the public to enjoy. Not only that, but the hall is also home to the famous open-air theatre and covered grandstand. It often plays host to concerts, plays, comedians, and musicals.

There is a lot to appreciate at Gawsworth Hall. Not only are the interiors of this charming hall bursting with period furniture but there are also some amazing grounds for you to explore too. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Gawsworth Hall today!

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