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Wotton House, Buckinghamshire

Built between 1704 and 1714, Wotton House is a sizeable country house in Buckinghamshire. This stunning house is an example of a Grade I listed building and English Baroque. There are extensive gardens with statues, bridges and temples surrounding the manor house.

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The History of Wotton House

Wotton House was originally built in 1704 by Richard Grenville. At the same time, the grounds around Wotton House were arranged in a formal pattern with two rows of elm trees leading to a lake and a parterre. Soon after in the 18th century, these grounds were modified into a more casual landscape gardening style.

In 1820, Wotton House was badly damaged by a fire. This led to the owner asking famous London architect Sir John Soane to create new interiors in a neo-classical style.

Over the years, Wotton House has had numerous owners. In 1929, it was bought by Major Michael Beaumont MP who continued work on the property. In 1947, Major Michael Beaumont sold the property and the gardens to a charity that split up the grounds into small sections. The house was then let to two boys’ schools.

By 1957, Wotton House needed serious repairs and was scheduled to be knocked down. This was when Elaine Brunner discovered it and, with the assistance of her architect, repaired the building to its former glory.

The Restoration of Wotton House

Elaine Brunner purchased Wotton House and the Clock Pavilion for £6000 in 1957, just two weeks before it was due to be knocked down. Brunner employed Donald Insall Associates to renovate the property, undoing most of the alterations and restoring the original features.

The Pleasure Grounds

The Capability Pleasure Grounds at Wotton House were originally owned by the Grenville family. However, they have changed a lot over the years. The Pleasure Grounds are much less formal than they once used to be and now include a series of man-made features including bridges, statues, and temples.

Visiting Wotton House

Wotton House is usually closed to the public; however, the pleasure grounds are open to the public on specified days of the year. On these days, the public is welcome to visit the grounds and enjoy a 3-mile walk around the gardens of this stunning home.

What Else Can You Do in Buckinghamshire?

As well as visiting the grounds at Wotton House, there are also several other things you should do while in Buckinghamshire:

  • Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm and Eco Centre – this amazing farm is set in the magnificent countryside where there is lots of space for families to explore. At this farm, visitors can meet animals at close quarters in Pet’s Corner, the Animal Barn, and the Wildlife Zone Hub.
  • Woburn Abbey – Woburn Abbey is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford.
  • Bletchley Park – home of the WWII codebreakers, this was once classed as one of Britain’s best-kept secrets. However, it is now a vibrant heritage attraction that is open to the public daily.
  • Coombe Hill – visit Coombe Hill and take a little stroll to the monument which commemorates the men who lost their lives in the Boer War.

Although Wotton House cannot be viewed by the public, the surrounding grounds are open to the public on specified days throughout the year. These stunning grounds are a must-see for locals and tourists alike.

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