Tatton Park, Cheshire

Tatton Park is like no other, spanning 2000 acres and home to a deer park, an elegant mansion, beautiful gardens, and farmland. 1000 of those acres are open to the public. Visitors to Tatton Park can rest assured that their day out will be rich in history, nature, and fresh air. Once home to the Egerton Family, an old manor house was remodelled to suit Neo-Classical styles from 1780. Now, managed by The National Trust, the mansion is home to one of the finest libraries and lavish Gillows of Lancaster furnishings. The Egerton family’s wealth and status are depicted throughout the lands.

Creative Commons Photo by M Stevens and A Moffat

A Journey Through Time

The history of Tatton Park can be traced back as far as 8000BC, with human occupation being evident. Throughout the Stone Age, people hunted on the lands until farming took over throughout the Bronze Age. Herds of deer have inhabited the land since 1290.

Tatton Park was owned by the Egerton family in 1598 but it was not made a residence until the early 18th Century. Each Egerton to reside in the mansion made changes to the design, most notably Samuel Egerton, who commissioned Samuel Wyatt to draw plans for a Neo-Classical mansion in the 1770s. Astonishingly, the Egerton family owned the grounds for approximately 350 years until the last Baron Egerton of Tatton died without an heir in 1958. The grounds were given to The National Trust in 1960 through Maurice’s will and management has been shared on and off between the Trust and Cheshire County Council.

Things to Do and See

Tatton Park is packed with things to do for the whole family. Wander the halls of Tatton Mansion and see over 14,000 items reflecting the history of the Egertons. Throughout the years there have been numerous exhibitions, with the Maurice collection being a permanent fixture.

Voted the best National Trust garden in 2020, Tatton Garden is set over 50 acres of landscape and reflect 300 years of landscaping. Walking through the gardens takes you on a journey through different atmospheres including a 100-year-old Japanese Garden, the Glasshouses, and the Pleasure Grounds.

The 1000-acre parkland makes for a fantastic visit and is home to several species of deer that roam the ancient lands freely. Entrance to the parkland is free and visitors are allowed to walk or cycle through the many trails.

Visitor Information

Tatton Park is open daily through the high season, and parking is £8.00 regardless of National Trust membership. Entry into the parklands is free, but the gardens, mansion, and farm come at an extra cost. The park can be found in Knutsford and is accessible by road, walking, or cycling.

Accommodations have been made to welcome wheelchair users, with disabled toilets available and tarmacked surfaces around some parts of the land. There is a wheelchair hire facility for each attraction but they cannot be moved between attractions.

Anyone looking for something different should pay a visit to Tatten Park, take in the breath-taking woodlands and gardens, and be left in awe of the once Egerton family wealth.

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