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Planning a trip to central England in the coming months? Then you’ll no doubt want to visit Norwich. A variety of cultural and geographic elements have created an environment that in many ways separates Norwich from the rest of the English cities in the region and gives it its own unique atmosphere. We’ll walk you through a list of the top four attractions to consider visiting while staying in this famous city.

Photo by weelassie
Photo by weelassie

Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure

Those who love both nature and adrenaline will find plenty of epic experiences to enjoy while in Norwich, but the Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure experience is the best one that combines both elements! It is here that you’ll be able to take a speedy ride down various zip-wires, take a leap off of the famous Tarzan Swing, and trek across various canopy crossings with little more than your balance and a guide rope. Everyone must be at least 10 years old to enjoy these elements due to the risks involved, so this may not be the best place for families with small kids. This fun-filled nature experience will get your blood pumping and keep your wallet intact, with ticket prices ranging from £24 to £32 depending on age.

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

Those who love history, architecture and art will be in awe when they see the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. Situated inside Norwich’s most famous attractions, Norwich Castle, this 900 year-old castle-turned-museum is home to one of the most thorough collection of architecture, archaeology and fine art in the country. You’ll be able to enjoy this history both by seeing a variety of ancient objects and ways of life preserved in their true form and through the use of models sound and computer technology. A perfect day getaway for the family, prices range from £5-8 during most hours and can be as low as £2 during lunchtime while school is in session.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival

One of the prime reasons to visit Norwich in the early spring is to be able to attend the Norfolk ad Norwich Festival, which is the biggest event in terms of drawing in outsiders every year. Internationally famous, the Norfolk and Norwich Festival plays out over sixteen days and features more than 100 performances by musical artists, theatre companies, dance shows, circus companies and more, in addition to the variety of outdoor events that are free during this time. There are also a number of festival workshops available that cover many of the different types of art and music that are present during this two week-long gig. Spread out over various Norwich and Norfolk locales, you’ll have fun travelling from place to place and experiencing each micro-culture along the way!

Market Town Perusing

Last but not least, the local market climate in Norwich and the greater Norfolk area is something to be enjoyed. There’s more than one location to consider visiting, and narrowing them down to one is just too difficult. In towns like Diss, Harleston and Wymondham – all within a stone’s throw of Norwich – you’ll find a wide variety of eclectic shops that feature everything from hand-made jewellery and chocolate to antiques and locally-grown produce. Each of these market towns have their own niche amenities as well, so be sure to dig around – you never know what you might find!

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