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No Man’s Land Fort

One of the three forts that collectively form the Solent forts, No Man’s Land Fort was initially built in the 19th century. Its purpose was to protect Portsmouth from a French sea invasion, but construction was completed long after the threat was over. What was considered a foolish move then is not so useless now. No Man’s Land Fort, also called No Man’s Fort, has been transformed into a luxurious venue for events and trips, offering an unparalleled experience to visitors.

Creative Commons Photo by Bob White

First Impression

The very first thing that you’ll notice is how massive this fort is. It is about three times the size of its predecessor sister fort, Spitbank. With twenty-two huge rooms to offer, No Man’s Fort can accommodate around 200 guests for an overnight stay.

From the horizon, and even as you approach it, No Man’s Fort may look daunting. From the outside, you only see black iron plates and concrete walls which make the fort seem more like a secluded prison rather than a luxurious venue. However, as you step up the metal stairs, a nautical-themed reception and interior décor dominant with creams and blues reveal how elegant this fort is.

An Experience Like No Other

The roof terrace is the main attraction in the fort. It has a lighthouse with a number of window seats and a wonderful view of the blue waters surrounding the fort. The top of the lighthouse offers a surreal 360-degree view of the sea. You can use binoculars to see container ships, yachts and ferries dancing on the waves as they pass by. There is even a foghorn that you can press just for fun.

The roof also has a hot tub that is open all day and night. There is a fire-pit if you ever feel like enjoying s’mores around a comfy bonfire deep in the middle of the sea.

The meals on the trip are mostly served here. No Man’s Fort offers pre-drinks, in addition to a rich three-course meal. The diverse menu includes not only fish but also various beef dishes and delicious desserts.


The rooms are all about comfort. They are large and sumptuous. Each room has a huge bed and windows facing the sea. If you leave the curtains open, you will wake up to see warm sunlight flooding your room. All of the rooms are also decorated with some of Winston Churchill’s most famous quotes on the walls in classic handwriting.

Other Features

The fort has a seaside area that is complete with sand, so you can enjoy a beach experience too. The hotel also offers a variety of fun activities like laser tag and golf. You can hit biodegradable golf balls into the sea or play laser tag with actual rifle replicas.

Getting to Man’s Land Fort

There are different ways to reach No Man’s Land Fort. The most commonly used way is to hop onto a speedboat that will whisk you there from Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight. You can also use a helicopter, as the fort also has a helipad on the roof.


No Man’s Land Fort offers a very unique experience and is unlike any other hotel in the world. In the middle of the ocean, it is the perfect holiday spot for high-end leisure seekers. Although it’s expensive, as prices start from £450, it is certainly worth every penny and almost always fully booked, so book early!

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