England Kendal 


Kendal is a picture perfect old market town filled with character in what has to be one of the prettiest parts of England, the incredible Lake District. As if the lakes were not enough the town is a mere thirty minutes’ drive away from the stunning landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Kendal is a haven for those with a love of the outdoors, for those who want to make the most of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you here, and those that are looking to enjoy some outdoor…

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England Warwick 


Warwick is a town rich in history and filled with beautiful architecture, not to mention the incredible and majestic Warwick Castle which can’t help but dominate the areas skyline. It is a beautiful place filled with secret gardens where you can disappear into a word where time has stopped still, surrounded by the most incredible historic buildings that add to the overwhelming charm of this incredible place. Warwick seems to be filled with some kind of magic that makes people want to return again for romantic breaks, long weekends and…

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Bridlington England 


The people of Yorkshire are known for their warm hospitality.  Add a seaside location into the mix and you have Bridlington, a holiday destination that has been a favourite with families for generations. The town sees an influx of thousands of people every summer all coming to enjoy the clean, award winning sands of the beaches. Take the lazy route up to the top of the cliffs or jump aboard the land train. On the cliff tops you will find Sewerby Hall and Gardens – there are over fifty acres…

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Bournemouth England 


Bournemouth has been attracting visitors for a long time, after all it is a classic example of a British seaside resort. There are seven wonderful miles of golden beaches to explore, edged by the sparkling waters of the sea. The town boasts a good variety of shops, bars and restaurants catering for everything you could possibly need during your time here. The nightlife is vibrant and there are plenty of beautiful gardens in which to relax. The beach is great for water sports too so there really is something for…

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England Nottingham 


Nottingham is a fabulous city, and often surprises many of its visitors with its vibrancy and colour as they somehow expect it to feel historic and sombre, when it is anything but. It boasts a blossoming fashion industry and some incredible nightclubs which is probably due in part to its status as a university city. The shopping opportunities are fabulous and the city centre draws people from far and wide. The city of Nottingham grew famous for being the historic centre for lace making, an industry which has influenced the…

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Blackpool England 


If there is anywhere in the UK that conjures up images of seaside fun then it is Blackpool. Blackpool has been entertaining families for generations. It is one of those places that families return to year after year because they know that all of their family’s needs will be taken care of, young or old, as Blackpool is a seaside resort that offers something for everyone. Traditional family run guesthouses and B&B’s still offer affordable accommodation to families looking for an authentic experience, while there are plenty of hotels to…

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Berwick Upon Tweed England Scotland 

Berwick Upon Tweed

Whether Berwick upon Tweed is located in Scotland or England has long been debated, in fact the town has long alternated between the two, changing sides fourteen times in two hundred years up until 1482 when it became English, however much of the town remains more Scottish than English. For example the football team plays in the Scottish leagues rather than the English divisions. This is a town that may be ‘of England’ but it is certainly not located ‘within England’. Such has been the confusion over where the town…

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England Stratford Upon Avon 

Stratford Upon Avon

It is impossible to write about Stratford upon Avon without at least mentioning William Shakespeare, and there are opportunities here in Stratford to follow all aspects of his life from birth right through to his death.  Visitors can step foot inside the buildings in which he once walked and even see his plays performed in some of the town’s fabulous theatres, but although you will rarely see it mentioned anywhere, there is much more to Stratford upon Avon than the life and works of the nation’s favourite Bard. The town…

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Brighton England 


Fun and fashionable, stylish and funky are just some of the words that have been used to describe the colourful and vibrant seaside town of Brighton. There is just about everything you need here to give you a taste of all things British, from a royal palace through to fish and chips by the sea. The lifestyle is laid back and relaxed, the shopping opportunities are excellent and all of this is less than an hour away from London. As you wander around Brighton you will be able to see…

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England Oxford 


Oxford is known the world over as the ‘City of the Dreaming Spires’, filled with ancient university buildings and historic architecture. Oxford has been the home of royalty for some 800 years and a place for scholars to study and philosophise since the 9th century. This stately and historic Oxford is often romanticised as being a true taste of English heritage and history but despite appearances it has moved with the times and is still very much a modern city; alongside the ancient stone walls of the university buildings you…

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