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Fun and fashionable, stylish and funky are just some of the words that have been used to describe the colourful and vibrant seaside town of Brighton. There is just about everything you need here to give you a taste of all things British, from a royal palace through to fish and chips by the sea. The lifestyle is laid back and relaxed, the shopping opportunities are excellent and all of this is less than an hour away from London. As you wander around Brighton you will be able to see traces of a full four hundred years of history, from the stunning Royal Pavilion built on the orders of George IV which really needs to be seen up close to be fully appreciated to the architecture that marks the change of styles in the town and the museums and galleries that hold the history within their walls.

Photo by Beverley Goodwin
Photo by Beverley Goodwin

Things to Do

The Royal Pavilion is widely regarded as one of the most extravagant palaces that exists in Europe, and really does need to be seen on a guided tour to be fully appreciated as it is almost guaranteed that you will never have seen anything like it before. A stroll along the Victorian pier is a must at any time of the day, as is spending some time in the cafes and bars along the way, as they make great places for a spot of people watching.

Take a trip on the Volks Railway and make the most of the seaside scenery. The Brighton Museum and Gallery has some wonderful style and fashion exhibits as well as a wealth of art and design pieces to view. In the evenings catch a concert or a comedy show at the Dome, or take a romantic walk amid the Royal Pavilion Gardens. Brighton never really sleeps, and the energy of the place wraps you up and makes you a part of it, so much so that you will want to stay up all night yourself to make sure that you never miss anything.

The Brighton Experience

This is a colourful and diverse town, and the restaurants here are equally diverse.  There are at least 400 different restaurants to choose from each evening and you could in theory, eat your way around the globe without ever leaving the town, but of course no visit to the British seaside would be complete without sampling some fresh fish and chips. The shopper in you will love the range of stores and boutiques that you find here, exploring the winding lanes and discovering some hidden gems that await you in the old part of the town is a treat in itself. The nightlife here is second to none and has a global reputation for its vibrancy. Live music is very much the thing in Brighton and you will find music being performed just about everywhere you go, you can even catch a live concert on the end of the pier. Clubbers are known to travel miles just to get a taste of the Brighton scene.

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