Bolton England 

Bolton, England

If you’re looking for a town that truly captures the spirit of the North, then look no further than Bolton. It’s often overlooked, but there are plenty of hidden gems here that make Bolton worth visiting.

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When it comes to museums, Bolton has two that are certainly worth a visit. The first, and biggest, is Bolton Library and Museum, where you can find interactive exhibits for the kids, a variety of bones and fossils, and even an aquarium full of exotic fish. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to enter the Egyptian zone, where you can see a real-life mummy, alongside lots of ancient artefacts and rich, golden decoration.

The other museum worth a visit is the Bolton Steam museum – for free, you get the opportunity to explore all the old steam engines, still working since they were grabbed from the old, shut down mills that still decorate Bolton’s horizon and hint at its rich industrial past. This is the perfect place to get a grasp of history you may not have experienced before, followed by a cup of tea and a cake from the homely café.

Smithills Farm

You might be slightly confused as to why you’d want to visit a farm, but this place truly speaks for itself. Smithills Farm is great for all ages, whether you’re looking for a fun play area and bouncy castle for the kids, the opportunity to see animals up close and personal and feed them, or to be able to hold little baby animals in your arms – there’s plenty here to keep you excited. You can also ride a donkey, or if you’re looking for something a little bigger, why not hop on a tractor ride? This is a great place to spend a day out, and will keep you talking about it for weeks.

Bolton Market

If you like old-style, classic markets, then you’ve found the right place. Bolton market is brimming with sellers offering tons of goods, whether you’re looking for cheap fruit and veg, some local crafts or artwork, or a little tasty treat – trust us when we say the cakes from here can’t be beat! You also get to mingle with the locals, who can offer friendly welcomes, alongside some handy advice if you’re looking for the ideal spot to visit next. Cheap prices, quality goods, and the hustle and bustle of an authentic street market make this place a fun and worthwhile visit.

Moses Gate Country Park

Moses Gate is fun for all the family – there’s plenty here to do to keep everyone on their toes. If you love walking through beautiful countryside, then the circular route round the lake or the windy paths through woodland will keep you occupied for hours. If you find that the kids get a little bored after a while, there’s a playground like no other to blow their minds – huge slides, unusual contraptions to climb and plenty of space to sit and watch. Remember to bring bread for the ducks!

Bolton is a town like no other, and offers so many different experiences that you’ll never forget.

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