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The Norfolk Broads

The area known as the Norfolk Broads has been attracting visitors and holiday makers for many a year. The Broads are part of the National Parks network and as such are rich in wildlife as well as natural beauty. Rather than being a natural feature, the area known as the Norfolk Broads is actually a manmade area of wetland, created as the result of peat digging in medieval times. The waterways here were utilised by the Victorians for transporting heavy loads of cargo across the region, though this use of the waterways has long since faded away and now they are filled with house boats and pleasure boats.

Photo by Roger Green
Photo by Roger Green

Holidaying in the Broads

The Norfolk Broads are one of the most popular holiday destinations within the UK, this could be partly because they are so accessible, or simply because it is such a wonderful place to be. The historic and atmospheric city of Norwich is close by as is the wonderful Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. Most people that choose to holiday here do so on the water, in a canal boat or staying in cosy B&B’s while they motor along the water in a motor cruiser. There are seemingly endless miles of waterways and vast expanses of beautiful countryside to take in.

All along the riverbanks the wildlife are busy going about their business, casting you a watchful eye as you cruise past. Here you will find pretty villages, beautiful nature reserves and as the sun goes down the wildlife will provide all of the entertainment that you need. Cruising the Norfolk Broads is a totally different kind of holiday. There is no need to worry about locks as you cruise as all of the 125 miles of waterways are easy to navigate, and there are lots of places where you can moor your boat and step ashore for some exploration.

Things to See and Do

Not everything here is about boats, there is plenty for you to do should you choose to remain on dry land. Cycle paths run alongside much of the waterways, and there are plenty of walking routes that you can follow that will take you through some of the most beautiful countryside you could ever hope to see. Indulge in a quiet spot of fishing, or try your hand at bird watching, you may even spot a rare butterfly or two.

Get an incredible view of the surrounding countryside from the top of the tower of St Helen’s church in Ranworth, inside the church you will find many items dating back to medieval times. There are castles to explore, as well as priories, old mills and wind pumps as well as museums and all of the usual attractions you would expect to find.

Take a ride on Ra, the state of the art solar powered boat that is at home on Barton Broad.  Or take a trip at the break of dawn on the Electric Eel, a silent electric powered boat which glides through the water to the nature reserve at How Hill.  Whatever you choose to do here, you will have an amazing time!

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