For those families with a sense of adventure and fun who are always on the look-out for the next experience, BeWILDerwood may be exactly what you’re looking for. Located in Norfolk, BeWILDerwood is an adventure park like no other, featuring all kinds of unique characters, attractions, and experiences, much of which is outdoors. The Adventure, Mystique, and Magic of BeWILDerwood When it comes to finding the best words to describe BeWILDerwood, things such as adventure, magic, and mystique pop into mind. The adventure park is themed around the forest, so…

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England Norfolk 

The Norfolk Broads

The area known as the Norfolk Broads has been attracting visitors and holiday makers for many a year. The Broads are part of the National Parks network and as such are rich in wildlife as well as natural beauty. Rather than being a natural feature, the area known as the Norfolk Broads is actually a manmade area of wetland, created as the result of peat digging in medieval times. The waterways here were utilised by the Victorians for transporting heavy loads of cargo across the region, though this use of…

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