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The Kinema in the Woods

The Kinema in the Woods is magical to visit. The cinema started life in 1922 when Captain C. C. Allport converted an old cricket pavilion at Petwood House (Petwood Hotel) into what was known as the Pavilion Cinema. Since then, The Kinema in the Woods has catered to a long list of screenings and guests from around the world.

Creative Commons Photo by Lil Shepherd

Staying True to the Original

One of the most interesting facts about The Kinema in the Woods, or the Kinema for short, is that it still uses the original back projection. In fact, it is the only cinema in the UK that still uses back projection to this day. This unique projection system is used for the main screen.

When it was created in 1922, the Kinema was also known as the 68th cinema in Britain. It is recognised as one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, and among the most interesting ones to visit in the world. To cater to the growing number of visitors, the Kinema in the Woods was equipped with a second screen, uniquely known as Kinema Too, in 1994.

Visit the Kinema in the Woods on a Saturday, and you will also hear an organ playing in between screenings. Alan Underwood, the resident organist, will keep guests entertained – and amazed – from the organ in Screen 1.

A Tribute to Cinema

Watching a movie and attending a private screening – which we will get to later – are not the only things you can do at the Kinema in the Woods. The foyer is actually a big tribute to the golden age of cinema. It is a museum of its own.

A quick visit and you’ll notice how it is filled with artefacts and pieces of history that will take you back to the golden age of filmmaking. The memorabilia will put a big smile on your face.

Once again, Saturday evening is the perfect time to visit the Kinema because you will also see the disco ball working. You will see a lot of families and couples visit the Kinema, even on weekdays.

Screenings and Movies to Watch

Planning a trip to the Kinema in the Woods is a lot easier with schedules and special events listed on their official website. You can also book tickets for certain screenings before planning the rest of the trip.

The Kinema also caters to private screenings, parties, and other events. There have been a lot of private movie screenings held here for its ties to the history of cinematography, and there will be more to come.

While You Are in the Area…

Woodhall Spa is a lovely place to visit, not only because it is the home of the Kinema in the Woods, but also because there are other places to visit nearby. The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum is always fascinating. So is Jubilee Park, especially if you are on a caravan holiday.

The experience of watching a movie at the Kinema in the Woods alone makes the trip to Woodhall Spa worth it. You will not find this kind of experience anywhere else in Britain.

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