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The fortress town of Shrewsbury in the heart of Shropshire is full of wonky Tudor buildings and interestingly named streets such as Grope Lane and Bear Steps. The town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the area and it has a long and interesting history. It’s the birthplace of Charles Darwin and is a fascinating town full of old-world charm. Shrewsbury is overlooked by an ancient abbey, which was the fictional home of Brother Cadfael, and surrounded on three sides by the meandering River Severn. For many centuries Shrewsbury was a major defensive point on the border between England and Wales. Today, modern Shrewsbury is a lovely place to spend a romantic weekend exploring the narrow streets and alleyways. The town has lots of fascinating attractions and beautiful places to visit. In the summer Shrewsbury is glorious and awash with colourful flowers, which is why it is often referred to as the Town of Flowers.

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Things to See and Do

There are many fascinating things to see and do in Shrewsbury. The medieval streets and Tudor architecture draw thousands of visitors every year and the timber-framed black and white buildings lining the steep, winding streets are exceptionally picturesque. ShrewsburyCastle and Abbey are two of the most famous landmarks in the town; both date back to the days of William Conqueror. The Abbey was mostly destroyed by Henry the VIII, but some parts remain intact and it is well worth a visit. ShrewsburyCastle is a distinctive red colour, thanks to its sandstone walls. Very little of the original castle is left standing, but a programme of renovation has preserved what remains and the ShrewsburyRegimentalMuseum is housed on the site. Once you have had your fill of history and heritage, take a boat ride on the River Severn, relax in scenic Quarry Park, or indulge in some retail therapy—Shrewsbury has some wonderful shopping opportunities.

Places to Visit

The Castle and Abbey are the two best known visitor attractions in Shrewsbury, but Rowley’s HouseMuseum offers an interesting glimpse into Shrewsbury’s past. The museum is housed inside a 17th Century building on Barker Street. It tells the story of the town’s history, from pre-historic times, right through to the 21st Century. Entrance is free, so it’s a good place to take the kids on a wet day. The OldMarketBuilding is a fine example of Elizabethan architecture and is now an arts cinema and exhibition centre. There are also plenty of interesting places to visit near Shrewsbury, including WroxeterRomanCity, the fourth largest Roman fortress city in Roman Britain. Take a tour around the fascinating ruins and see what life was like in Roman times. Other interesting local attractions include Attingham Park, complete with a magnificent Jane Austen-style mansion and deer park; the Dingle, a beautiful garden that was once the playground of a young Charles Darwin; and the Quarry, another beautiful area of parkland where the locals use to wash their clothes and enjoy a bit of sunshine.

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