Robin Hood’s Bay

A small but popular fishing village located inside the North York Moors National Park, Robin Hood’s Bay is, as the name suggests, also used to signify the entire bay area. The village is, therefore, more popularly known by the name of Bay Town among locals. The sandy beaches, rock pools, coastal trails and a whole range of pubs and cafes in the village has made it a top tourist attraction on the Heritage Coast.

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Why Is It Called Robin Hood’s Bay?

Unlike most other places with interesting names, the historical origins of why and by whom the name was bestowed upon the bay area are lost in time. Nevertheless, there is lore about the toponymy and, interestingly enough, it does involve Robin Hood.

If the ballad is to be taken as the origin story of the village’s name, then it would indicate that Robin Hood once came to Heritage Coast and fended off invading pirates from France successfully. As the Prince of Thieves returned all that the French pirates had plundered from the poor fishermen, the name Robin Hood’s Bay came to pass. It is to be noted that there is no historical evidence to suggest that the ballad is true, or otherwise.

The Famously Infamous History of Smuggling in Robin Hood’s Bay

The village and the entire Yorkshire Coast were at one time a hotspot for smugglers and pirates. It is believed that a number of houses within the village are interlinked with one another via crude, but well-hidden subways even today. They were used during the late 18th Century to smuggle illegal tea, liquor, and tobacco into the mainland, from all around Europe.

What are the Main Tourist Attractions?

The brilliant waterfront sceneries in Robin Hood’s Bay offer the perfect opportunity to click brilliant photos and enjoy a golden sunset on the Yorkshire Coast.

On venturing inside the narrow passages by the cobbled streets, visitors will find that not much has changed since the 18th Century in terms of building architecture and the overall feel of being in a Victorian Era English fishing village. From the mossy green stone walls and stairways to the brightly coloured roofs and doors, they are reminders of an era gone by.

During the exploration of the village, tourists will often come across a small pub or café with accommodation facilities for the night and wonderful seafood. On spending a night at one of them, early risers will wake up to a golden sunrise on the coastal horizon, equally famous for its beauty as the Robin Hood’s Bay sunset.

The Coastal Walk Outside the Village

After a day in the village, adventure seekers usually head out and take on one of the stunning coastal walks that lead away from the village and towards moorlands, acres of lush green, grass-covered meadows and sandy beaches.

Visit Robin Hood’s Bay for Break from the Busy City Life

Appropriately lonely and ancient, yet always at a walking distance to the local café, bar or pub, Robin Hood’s Bay offers a place of peaceful respite to couples, families and just about anyone who could use a small break from the busy, city life.

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