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Ludlow Castle

If you’re looking for a beautiful, historical place to visit, then Ludlow Castle could be the perfect choice for you. Ludlow Castle is located in Shropshire. The castle is located on a hill high above the land and it overlooks the stunning River Teme. Within the castle walls are numerous medieval buildings for you to explore at your leisure. The majestic castle has survived the English Civil War and now attracts visitors from all over the world.

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History of Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle was first built in the 11th century by Walter De Lucy. It was built out of stone, which was very unusual for the time. The De Lacys and their rivals both battled for ownership of the castle during the 12th century, which led to the De Lacys building the Great Tower and a large outer bailey to help protect it from enemies.

The 13th century saw the castle being passed on to Geoffrey de Geneville, who chose to rebuild some of the inner bailey to continue to improve its defences. This magnificent castle played a role in the Second Barons’ War. In 1301, Roger Mortimer acquired the castle and continued adding buildings within the walls. Mortimer kept hold of this castle for more than a century.

In 1425, Richard the Duke of York inherited this stunning castle. During the War of the Roses, it was seen as a major Yorkist authority. In 1461, the castle was given to the Crown. Throughout the 16th century, the castle underwent numerous renovations to stop it from deteriorating like other castles across the country.

Ludlow castle started off as a Norman Fortress, but over the centuries it was extended many times to become a Royal Palace. It was originally built to hold back the unconquered Welsh. In 1811, the Earl of Powis took ownership of the castle and it was finally opened to the public.

Today the castle is the perfect place to learn about medieval history. It also hosts some of Ludlow’s major festivals throughout the year.

What Can You See and Do at Ludlow Castle?

The buildings at Ludlow castle reflect its long history. There are a number of different styles of building within the grounds. The castle is approximately 152m by 133m in size and has over five acres of land to explore. The outer bailey houses the Castle House building while the inner bailey split up by a trench dug out of the stone houses the Solar block, the Great Tower, and the Great Chamber block. It also houses some 16th-century buildings and a rare circular chapel. These amazing buildings will give you an insight into how things have changed over the years. Ludlow is classed as “one of England’s finest castle sites”.

There are lots of things to do at the Castle, but there are also some things close by. The Castle is surrounded by lots of restaurants and independent shops to keep you entertained if you’re visiting Shropshire for a couple of days. There are also numerous walks, including the Bread Walk, which will take you down to the River Teme.


Ludlow Castle is one of the most outstanding medieval ruins in England. It is located in the beautiful Shropshire countryside in the centre of the busy black and white market town of Ludlow. When you arrive at the castle, you will be able to walk through the stunning grounds and see the ancient properties of judges, the nobility, kings, queens, and princes. You will get an insight into the lifestyles of medieval society.

Ludlow castle not only has a variety of medieval buildings for you to explore, but it also has over five acres of stunning grounds for you to enjoy. Why not take a trip back in time and learn about the history of this magnificent castle?

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