Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Lightwater Valley theme park is located in the village of North Stainley in North Yorkshire and is commonly known as having one of the longest roller coasters across Europe. It was opened in the Summer of 1969 and attracts around 500,000 visitors each year. Since it was first opened, it has gone from strength to strength and what was once a small family-run farm attraction is now owned by the company Livingstone Leisure company. Lightwater Valley has around 35 rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy, from small rides that are suitable for younger children to rollercoasters that attract thrill-seekers from all over the country. If you are a looking for a fun day out for all the family to enjoy then Lightwater Valley Theme Park is the perfect place for you.

Photo by Jeremy Thompson

Thrilling Rides

The Lightwater Valley Theme Park offers a fun-filled day that all the family can enjoy, but if you also thrive from the thrill of some of the best rollercoasters around then you will not be disappointed with what this park has to offer. If you fancy spinning through the air and enjoy the intensity of heights, then The Eagle’s Claw is the perfect ride for you. This is one of the favourites amongst visitors and is very popular. Therefore, you should expect considerable queues as it gets particularly busy in the mornings and evenings before the park is due to close. However, the Ultimate is the ride that most adrenaline junkie visitors come to Lightwater Valley Theme Park for, as it is one the longest rollercoasters in Europe at a staggering 1.5 miles long.

Fun for All the Family

However, if you have young children with you, or if you want your feet to stay firmly on the ground during your time at Lightwater Valley, then there are still plenty of fun rides and activities for all the family to enjoy. You can head down to the petting farm and meet the friendly donkeys, lambs, and alpacas that Lightwater Valley is home to. However, it is important to note that the Riggmorr petting farm only opens on the weekends and during the week in the school holidays. Other rides that may be of interest to the younger or more cautious members of the family include Pirate Swinger, ThunderDome, and The Ladybird. Although, be sure not to miss the Raptor Attack where you can venture into the underground world.


Once you’ve had fun exploring all the attractions the park has to offer, there is still more fun to be had. So, prepare to sit back, relax, and take in a jam-packed show featuring some of the hottest tribute acts around. These include some family favourites, such as Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, and Olly Murs. The tribute act evenings that are provided by Lightwater Valley Theme Park offer something for everyone, no matter what your taste!

There is a lot of fun to be had at Lightwater Valley Theme Park with activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy for a perfect day out.

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