Forbidden Corner

Often nicknamed as “The Strangest Place in the World,” Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire was built and owned by Colin Armstrong in the 1980s, although technically, credit for the brilliantly odd architecture goes to Malcolm Tempest.

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Why is it Called The Forbidden Corner?

Forbidden Corner Garden is the chief attraction inside Tupgill Park Estate and is one of the most interesting follies across the world, as its four acres house chambers, tunnels, bizarre statues, and strange structures that are often as seemingly irrational and strange as they are intriguing.

The name was originally given to the garden by its owner Colin Armstrong, and although admission inside the Forbidden Corner is still limited to no more than 120 visitors per hour, the folly was originally built for private entertainment only. In spite of public admission rights making the name less valid today, the garden of follies still remains true to its nickname of being The Strangest Place in the World.

What are the Main Attractions in Forbidden Corner?

The entrance lies through a grotto that looks like a beastly maw, complete with a hanging uvula. Some of the bizarre wonders most popular among tourists are as follows.

  • Temple of the Underworld
  • The Druid’s Temple
  • The Pointing Druid Statue
  • A glass pyramid of translucent shards
  • A group of statues with indiscernible features playing cards
  • A horse’s head which peeks through a dilapidated brick wall
  • Multiple statues of bipedal frogs in a water fountain
  • A red water fountain possibly depicting blood, with a strange figure standing in it
  • Tunnels and mazes that are often intentionally confusing

There are a lot of other oddities to see within the labyrinths and chambers of Forbidden Corner, but very few people manage to see everything since it takes a lot of time to cover every one of the cleverly hidden structures.

Age Suitability: There is No Age Limit

It is open to visitors of all age, but young children may find some of the more bizarre follies somewhat disturbing. Even then, most of the structures within Forbidden Corner are more absurdly fascinating than anything else.

Areas to Visit Around the Tupgill Park Estate

The trip doesn’t just have to end with seeing the odd creations inside Forbidden Corner, as the park is located in the heart of Yorkshire.

West Burton Falls, Aysgarth Falls, the Middleham Castle, Bolton Castle, the White Rose Candles, Harmby Waterfall, the Holy Trinity Church, and several other local attractions fall within a 10km radius of Forbidden Corner. This usually means that the nearby attractions can be seen on one trip, provided the stops are kept short.

Visit Forbidden Garden Because There Simply isn’t Anything Like It in the World

Whether someone appreciates the shock value of the place, which is an effect that it often has on tourists, or they simply love exploring the weird side of the human mind, Forbidden Garden is a place to visit for everyone who hasn’t yet, simply for the fact that its uniqueness makes it the only one of its kind, even among follies.

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