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Alnwick Poison Garden

The Poison Garden was added to the Alnwick Garden in February 2005. As the name suggests, this section of the garden is filled with some of the most poisonous plants from around the world. You can tell by the sign near the entrance – which says “These Plants Can Kill” – that the Poison Garden is an intriguing attraction to visit.

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You can take a guided tour around the Alnwick Poison Garden, during which the guide will repeatedly remind you not to touch, smell, or interact with the plants in any way. There are now more than 100 different plants, including the infamous Deadly Nightshade and hemlock

How Poisonous is the Alnwick Poison Garden?

In short, very. The Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna) may look beautiful on the outside and they produce berries that look really delicious. Take a bite of the berry, however, and you may experience symptoms such as blurred vision, loss of balance, slurred speech, and hallucinations. The leaves are equally dangerous.

You will also find Strychnine, also known as the poison nut, and Conium Maculatum or the poison hemlock, both of which are known as legendary killers. Other plans are equally dangerous, but there is a lot to learn about them, including some remarkable stories you’ll be able to hear from your guide.

Other Parts of the Alnwick Garden

The rest of the garden is massive and there is a lot to see in it. You can visit the bamboo maze or the famous treehouse, which are both favourites among travellers. The latter features multiple levels, a gorgeous design, and a chance to see an incredible view of the garden.

Keep in mind that the Alnwick Garden is best visited in the summer. This is where many of the flowers are blooming, so you can enjoy the gorgeous display better. In the autumn, you can also take in Alnwick’s soothing ambience, with its ensemble of colours and some of the autumnal flowers creating a gorgeous landscape.

Themed Botanical Garden

Aside from the beautiful garden and its famous Poison Garden section, you can enjoy Alnwick’s themed festivals and displays by timing your visit correctly. Besides the regular displays, the garden will be filled with themed decorations and lights.

The Alnwick Garden holds a Halloween-themed night. Enjoy Christmas at the Alnwick Garden, with its festive display and activities considered one of the best ways to spend this holiday season.

Other Attractions Near Alnwick Poison Garden

Other attractions near Alnwick Garden are equally interesting. Alnwick Castle, which overlooks the garden itself, is a must-visit place if you are a Harry Potter fan. The castle was featured as Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter movies.

The town of Alnwick is just as interesting to explore. There is a rustic but beautiful bookstore, Barter Books, that you can visit to find interesting, often hard-to-find titles. For some more shopping, the Alnwick Markets and The Wool Shop are the places to visit.

Visit for an Adventure

A trip to the Alnwick Poison Garden and nearby attractions can easily turn into a fantastic adventure. Spending the entire day exploring this vast garden is certainly a way to make your trip memorable.

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