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With beaches the colour of butterscotch and beautiful blue water, the beaches of Salcombe are an attraction in themselves. Add to the mix a cluster of pastel coloured houses around the harbour and you have an iconic seaside scene. In this wonderful seaside escape you will find an old fashioned sweet shop that has been part of the community here since 1869. So grab your sweets, pick up your bucket and spade and head to one of the most wonderful seaside resorts in the country.

Photo by Jason Ballard
Photo by Jason Ballard

The town of Salcome is situated on the Kingsbridge Estuary, just over a mile from the beautiful south coast. This is the part of the country referred to as the English Riviera and there are many beautiful beaches for you to discover here. With an abundance of rock pools for the children to explore and wonderfully soft sands on which to lay and relax it makes for an ideal holiday destination. Choose from either the North Sands or its sister beach the South Sands, both are beautiful sheltered coves looked over by picturesque cottages.

Things To Do

This is the very most southern point of Devon, and the town is surrounded by five different beaches. Each is a distinctive cove or bay and each has its own individual character. With so many beaches and miles of coastline it is no wonder that this region is something of a Mecca for those people who enjoy different forms of water sports. There are a number of sailing centres where you can hire a boat, or if you have no experience and have never taken to the water before you can take a few lessons from one of the many sailing schools around the coast. Or you could let someone else take the strain and take a kayak tour of this incredible coastline. If your interests lie under the water there are a number of scuba diving opportunities, or snorkelling adventures to be had for all members of the family.

Places to Visit

Though this is the coast not everything has to involve water. There are a number of beach front bars and cafes where you can simply sit back and relax and let the day pass you by. There are plenty of coastal walking routes that you can follow should you want to explore the local area. Or head out to Overbecks, a wonderfully intriguing Edwardian House. The house is now in the care of the National Trust but was once the home of a rather eccentric inventor. The gardens that surround the house are beautiful and there are a number of rare and exotic plants dotted about the place too.

One thing that you really must do if you are in Devon is to indulge in a Devonshire cream tea, there is nothing quite like it. No visit to the beach would be complete without an ice cream or two and here you will find the most marvellous ice cream made with the rich clotted cream that the county is so famous for.

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