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Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park is one of the premier places to visit in the UK. It has an international reputation for incredible vistas along with its idyllic dales, hills, and extensive moorlands. When you reach the Peak District, you’ve officially arrived in the “countryside”. Away from the bustling city life and among nature, it’s possible to take a deep breathe, exhale, and begin to relax.

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People who love the outdoors but find themselves spending too much time with city folk will benefit from a trip to the Peak District. Ask anyone who has already been there what their opinions of it are and you’re bound to hear a glowing report. They may even share snaps of their travel adventure with you.

About the Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park became the first official park in 1951, and in many people’s eyes, it is still the best. It spans some 555 square miles, so it’s impossible to see it all in a single visit – or maybe even in a lifetime of them. The National Park covers parts of the Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire counties.

Located in the northern part of England, when travelling across Britain, it’s ideally positioned in the middle of it all. Therefore, no matter where you live, it’s not too far to drive to get there. The place is extremely spread out, but it’s possible to drive there or rely on public transport links on trains or buses.

Peak District National Park Authority

The Peak District National Park Authority manages the park. The authority is responsible for ensuring its heritage is maintained, the wildlife and habitats are protected, and its natural beauty remains unspoiled.

Under their remit, they promote the benefits of spending time there. Also, they work to involve the local communities within each county to encourage sustainable development and a thriving area for the residents.

Things to Do and See

The list of activities and things to see in the Peak District is considerable. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Horse riding – Ride as part of a group to experience the park from a raised vantage point. It’s possible to take to some of the 65 miles of trails suitable for horses. Various trails exist in different sections of the park depending on your confidence and how far you wish to ride.

Cycling – Getting on a bike and feeling the breeze in your hair as you speed along is another way to get about and see the sights. There are various bike rental places in Ashbourne, Derwent, and elsewhere. Numerous cycling routes can be found in and around the park with excellent views throughout for avid bikers or amateurs alike.

Trekking – Whether you choose to call it walking or trekking, there are 202 square miles of official open access trails for people who like to venture out on foot. Some of the walks are extensive, such as the Peak District Boundary Walk which stretches for 188 miles, but fortunately, you’re allowed to participate in only the sections that you’re most interested in.

The Peak District is well worth a visit.

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