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Lyme Regis

There is something special about Lyme Regis; it could be the history of the place or the fact that it is set amongst some outstandingly beautiful scenery, but whatever it is the place draws visitors from far and wide. The cliffs that frame the harbour contain evidence of creatures that walked the Earth over a million years ago yet the place is very upbeat and modern despite the weight of the past that surrounds it. The town appears in the doomsday book and a number of historical attractions and landmarks are found here. By visiting the watermill you are taking a trip back to the fourteenth century, then there is the intriguing leper’s well and stunning St Michael’s church. It is said that you can find more about the history of the United Kingdom in this one town that you can anywhere else.

Photo by Richard Gillin
Photo by Richard Gillin

England’s Jurassic Coast

Lyme Regis is situated in the heart of what is known as the Jurassic Coast of the UK. This is one of the best places to go to find yourself walking in the footsteps of the dinosaurs. As far as fossil collectors are concerned this is widely recognised as the best place in the UK for collecting. The coastline which occasionally reveals extra ordinary glimpses of the past has been designated a World Heritage Site, and as such draws visitors to it from around the globe.

The Jurassic Coast of England stretches for ninety five miles, with the location around Lyme Regis offering some of the most stunning scenery along its length. If you want to make sure that you return home with a genuine fossil that you have found yourself, take a trip to the Blue Lias Cliffs where you will be able to find a wealth of ammonites and other small fossils. A fossil festival is held in Lyme Regis every year which attracts dinosaur and fossil enthusiasts from all over the country. There are not many places in the UK where you can find fossils so readily which really gives Lyme Regis a unique appeal to people of all ages.

About Lyme Regis

Used as the backdrop in the iconic French Lieutenants Woman and also in Persuasion by Jane Austen this resort town has a broad appeal. Pay a visit to the harbour and see the Cobb, the iconic harbour wall and you will instantly recognise it as a location that has been used in several films and television series.

This is one of those incredible British resorts towns that attracts people back year after year, no matter what the British weather may do there is always something to do here, which makes it incredibly popular with families. There is an annual carnival and regatta which brings the whole of the region together, lifeboat week gives the kids a chance to learn about the RNLI and the Christmas Tree Festival will really get you in the spirit. The countryside is peaceful and gives you a chance to relax and unwind and makes the ideal place to take a well deserved break.

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