You could be forgiven for not knowing where in Scotland Foyers is located, and even for recognising the name but not knowing why. Foyers is nestled alongside perhaps the most famous of all the Scottish Lochs, Loch Ness, yet sadly when many people think of Visiting Loch Ness they travel to the other side of the Loch to places like Drumnadrochit and Urquhart Castle. But unlike the commercialised western side of the Loch, Foyers is still very much a traditional highland village. But it is a village with something very special and very beautiful that the towns on the western side are lacking, a natural and somewhat spectacular waterfall.

Photo by David Sim
Photo by David Sim

The Falls of Foyers

The falls are accessed from the main road into Foyers, where opposite the quaint village store/post office and tea rooms is a simple set of white gates. Enter the gates and you are met with a woodland path which will take you through the forest and to a couple of spectacular vantage points for viewing the falls. The path is fairly steep and defiantly not for the infirm, but the views of the falls are more than worth the exertion.

As you are descending into the valley from the roadside access point, the first viewing station that you get to is opposite the top of the falls, which is very impressive to say the least. The sheer volume of water cascading over the top of the falls is mind blowing. After you have spent a few moments admiring the view and the deafening roar of the water, you will have got your breath back and be ready for the next part of the walk. The path will take you down to a further viewing point close to the foot of the falls, and once there you will understand instantly why the pool of water at the bottom of the falls is referred to as the cauldron. The water here seems to be boiling and foaming as though some special potion is being brewed. From this point you can either go back the way you came, or journey onwards into the forest.

Out and About

If you choose to stay in Foyers you will find that you are in the perfect location to make the most of the wonderful scenery afforded by Loch Ness, the peaceful eastern side of the Loch makes the perfect base for exploring the local area, as the activity of the western side complete with its visitor centres and monster hunting centres is only a very scenic drive away.

Fort Augustus makes for a wonderful day out and there is a rare breeds visitor attraction there that the kids will love, complete with Highland cows. Head off in the other direction and you have the city of Aberdeen with all of the attractions that a city brings with it from international cuisine to major shopping centres. Most of the road along the eastern side of the Loch towards Foyers is single track, though there are plenty of passing places. There are also a few good view points where you can get a wonderful view of Urquhart Castle across the Loch.

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