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Glasgow Zoo

Glasgow Zoo, also known as Calderpark Zoo, was a once renowned zoo within Scotland and a favourite day trip for animal enthusiasts and tourists. Although the zoo closed its doors on the 25th August 2003, during its peak this zoo attracted an approximate of 140,000 visitors a year and was home to over 600 animals. The zoo also has 24 full-time staff members and provided seasonal and part-time jobs.

About Glasgow Zoo

The Glasgow Zoo first opened its doors to the public in 1947, but sadly, the zoo was unable to keep running its operations after running up an astounding debt of £3.5 million and failing to renew its zookeeper license due to not meeting the new standards on animal welfare. There was a lack of funding from the local council after many allegations of animal cruelty and mismanagement were made, which saw the zoo deteriorate in quality. Although the zoo saw a consistent number of families and animal lovers, the zoo failed to make enough profit from ticket sales without additional funding. The animals that once lived in the walls of the Glaswegian zoo were transferred to other zoos to be taken care of and looked after.

Things to See and Do

Although Glasgow Zoo is no longer open to the general public and is nothing more than mere memories for those who once visited, there are still many points of interest and wonderful things to see and do around the Glasgow area. Animal enthusiasts can still see an array of different animals and species by visiting the Tollcross Children’s Farm or Queens Park Reptile House. Furthermore, you can take a short drive outside of the city’s centre and visit the Palacerigg Country Park. Here, you will be able to watch animal feedings and enjoy the petting zoo. There is also a 300-hectare park for you to explore as well as a visitor centre and a café. This makes for a wonderful day trip with the family.

Lovers of birds can also visit the nearby World of Wings Birds of Prey Centre, which is located near the Palacerigg Country Park. The Birds of Prey Centre is home to many magnificent species of bird. You can see owls, hawks and falcons, as well as other exotic birds like the parrot. The centre exhibits flying displays as well as handling sessions. There is also the option of booking a private tuition session on an individual basis, where you will be taught how to keep and fly your own bird of prey.

Although Glasgow Zoo may no longer be open, there are still many fun and exciting options and activities for animal lovers and tourists. The city of Glasgow has a lot to offer from the bustle of the city centre to the beautiful Scottish landscape that surrounds it. Visit one of the many museums and art galleries or take a stroll around George Square and People’s Palace, allowing yourself time to experience the Scottish architecture. Glasgow embodies both nature and a metropolitan lifestyle, making it a great escape for all to enjoy.

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