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Aviemore is located right at the edge of the Cairngorms National Park and is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Scotland. No matter what time of year you visit, the beauty of the mountains and the landscape will astound you. During the winter months the resort is filled with winter sports enthusiasts whilst the summer sees people coming here to make the most of the beautiful surroundings of the park and all of the highland attractions that the area boasts. Aviemore is one of the major Scottish ski resorts and offers facilities for all levels of skier from tentative novices to those that think nothing of tackling the hardest of the black labelled slopes. There are plenty of facilities here if you don’t want to explore the local area and the towns and villages that border the park, plus there are a number of outlets selling locally produced craft style goods.

Photo by Roger Ward
Photo by Roger Ward

Things to See and Do

This is a part of the country where the focus is very much on being outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty of the place, so what could be better than a visit to the Craigellachie National Nature Reserve which is located close to Aviemore? Through the summer months the Birch trees are lush and green and the sounds of birds and insects fill the air. The mountain crags peer over the top of the woodland and provide a home for the local peregrine falcons and pretty woodland flowers.

There are a number of paths to follow which are labelled according to walking ability and all of them provide an excellent way to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery. The Cairngorm Mountains are the only place in the UK where you can encounter a free roaming herd of reindeer. There are a number of trips every day that will take to you see the herd right across the year. The herder will guide you along the mountain pathways where you will be able to walk among the animals and also be able to touch and feed these magnificent creatures.

The Highland Wildlife Park

One place that you really should make a point of visiting while you are here is the Highland Wildlife Park. Located just seven miles out of the town of Aviemore you will find that the whole family is kept entertained by the animals and attractions that the park has to offer. You will be able to see representatives of the wildlife that call Scotland home including pine martins, wildcats and deer. Plus you will also be able to meet the animals that once called Scotland home such as the lynx, beavers and wolves. You will also find many rare and endangered animals here from the tundra regions of the world such as Amur Tigers, red pandas, snow monkeys and the park’s most famous resident Walker the polar bear. You are able to drive around the main reserve of the park in your car and then explore the other areas on foot. There are daily keeper talks and demonstrations as well as the ever popular feeding times for the animals.

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