The London Bridge Experience

For three years in a row the London Bridge Experience has been voted the ‘Best Year Round Scare Attraction’ in the UK.  If you are looking to break up your sightseeing of the city with some gruesome fun, this is where you need to be.  Be warned though, there are age restrictions for entry.  The London Bridge Experience along with the London Tombs will take you on a journey through the dark and dangerous history of London from the days of the Roman Invaders right up into the modern life of the city.

Photo by Elliott Brown
Photo by Elliott Brown

Throughout this gruesome and ghastly journey you will encounter Romans, Viking and will experience not only the sights, but the sounds and the smells of each period of history.  After your time travelling journey you will be taken into the terrifying environment of the London Tombs.  Here you will be witness to walls that drip blood whilst creatures of the night wait to hear you scream, and the horror of the plague pit awaits your presence.  All of this is waiting for you right beneath majestic London Bridge itself.

Brace Yourself!

The tombs are in actuality a former plague pit, in use throughout the darker days of the city.  The tombs will bring you face to face with unimaginable horrors that your throat will be sore from all the screaming.  London Bridge and the area that surrounds it have a long and often sordid history.  On your journey through the centuries you will come face to face with Boudicca and may even be called up, given a sword and sent in to pit your strength against the might of the Roman Legions.

Hear the screams and feel the smoke from the Great Fire of London fill your nostrils.  Watch in horror as you discover how the bridge was used to punish wrong doers of the time.  The experience is filled with recreations of historical environments, from the first wooden bridges over the river to the creation of a stone bridge; all of these environments are filled with colourful and often fragrant characters just waiting to interact with you.  The experience makes use of the very latest in movie style technology to make you feel as though you have indeed been transported back in time.  You will remember everything that happens during your experience here for a very long time.

Things that go Bump…

The area of the tombs where the plague pit is located has been subject to a certain amount of paranormal activity – other than those provided by the London Tomb staff.  Several overnight investigations have been held on the site, which have produced some interesting results.  Sightings of a dark shadowlike man have been reported across the site and one of the regular ghostly apparitions has even been known to watch visitors to the experience, occasionally being mistaken for a member of costumed staff.  So if you do enter the tombs, be sure to watch out for her as she may just be watching out for you.

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