London’s Top Rated Themed Restaurants

There has been an upsurge in themed restaurants in recent years and London has a broad selection to choose from. Not only do they offer excellent food, they also offer an experience that you will remember for years to come.

Photo by Mario Sánchez Prada
Photo by Mario Sánchez Prada

Enjoy a Medieval Banquet

Spend an evening at Ivory House on St Katharine’s Dock and take a trip back in time to the city as it was more than a thousand years ago. Located in the vicinity of the Tower of London you will spend your evening in the company of infamous King Henry VIII and his royal court, complete with minstrels and jesters. Medieval ale and wine will be flowing and the meal will be accompanied by traditional medieval music which was first performed centuries ago.

Dine in the Dark

It has to be one of the most unusual dining experience that you can ever be involved in. Dans le Noir in Clerkenwell Green envelops its diners in total darkness, which encourages the other senses to come to the fore. There is an added level of excitement to dining in the dark which needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Become Environmentally Aware

By Piccadilly Circus in the West End of London you will find the fantastic Rainforest Café. The establishment is very focussed on environmental concerns and you will dine surrounded by some of the most vibrant and engaging décor to be found in the city. The café is just as popular with its adult clientele as it is with the children that come here. With dishes like Rasta Pasta and Jungle Safari Sour all enjoyed to the soundtrack of the rainforest including thunder and waterfalls, you will feel like you are in the tropics.

Enjoy Babylonian Delights

Camden is home to Gilgamesh, which offers a slice of the exotic in the heard of London. Inspired by the allure of ancient Babylon, the cuisine is Pan Asian and the food is served to diners is sumptuous surroundings. Stone pillars inlaid with sparkling lapis, plump cushions and sweeping drapes all add to the exotic. There is something decadent and other worldly about an evening at Gilgamesh that is not soon forgotten.

Quirky and Curious

Sarastro is located in Covent Garden and offers a unique experience. The interior decor is based around the theme of an old Victorian curiosity shop. Here you can dine in an ‘opera box’ which has been decorated in one of a number of themes including Rococo, Gothic and Byzantine. The food is a mixture of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine and is always a hit with the diners.

Out of Africa

Shaka Zulu is located in Stables Market and offers an interior filled with statues of Zulu warriors and plenty of South African opulence. Here you will find zebra on the menus along with the more traditional pork ribs and wild boar burger. This is a restaurant which has a high visual impact which is then added to by the level of quality of the food. This is the best known, and largest, South African restaurant in the city.

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