Exploring Your Favourite Movie Sets at The Warner Bros Studio Tour

At Warner Bros Studio Tour, visitors have the opportunity to discover the sets, props, costumes and replicas made for the beloved Harry Potter Series. Filmed primarily in Leavesden, a great collection of materials used to develop the world famous series have been left behind, so the studio heads decided to have them preserved in the form of an expansive and exciting tour for fans to explore to their delight. Although it has been years since the last film in the series debuted, a veritable treasure trove of Harry Potter artefacts remain in their original glory. Aside from giving visitors the opportunity to ride on broomsticks in front of a green screen and trek through the foreboding Forbidden Forest, there are also delicious treats to snack on and souvenirs to pick up – all in the spirit of Harry Potter.

Photo by Andy Wilkes
Photo by Andy Wilkes

The Forbidden Forest

Many of the exhibits at the Warner Bros Studio Tours are only available at different times of the year, but the planned Forbidden Forest exhibit is set to be a permanent installation. Featuring many of the same props used to film the Harry Potter series, fans will be overjoyed to find that they are able to examine and get up close and personal with each detail of this leg of the studio tour. From variable weather conditions to agromantulas, you will know exactly how Harry and his friends felt as they went against the rules and wandered through the Forbidden Forest, just like in the movies.

The Great Hall

In the Harry Potter series, the Great Hall at Hogwarts is an elaborate, expansive and grand room filled with amazing details. Two large wooden doors open up to reveal the very same set used by the characters of Harry Potter to share meals, have conversations and make plans for new adventures. During the tour, you too can explore the Great Hall, marvelling at its amazing stone flooring and sit at one of its lengthy tables. Come to appreciate the craftsmanship and care that went into the design of one of the most recognisable

The Backlot Cafe

If you have ever wanted to know what butterbeer tasted like, taking the Warner Bros Studio Tour will provide you with the opportunity to dine on foods and beverages that can only be found in the world of Harry Potter. Along with other visitors, you can drink from a cold mug filled with the infamous butterbeer, which is a delicious and mysterious butterscotch flavoured substance. There’s also soup and burgers on the menu, along with the highly addictive butterbeer flavoured ice cream treat. After making your way through the world of Harry Potter, you are definitely going to want to sit down to rest and fill your belly at this quaint and comfortable cafe.

Throughout the studio there are many other different exhibits to take part in, including the outdoor areas as well as the Hogwarts Express. You can take pictures and use the digital guide to help keep your self guided tour on track, as Warner Brothers Studio UK is a large and grand place.

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