Treat Your Little Princess to a Magical Makeover at Harrods

You may tell her every day that she is your little princess, she may even have a dressing up box filled with the costumes worn by all of her favourite Disney princesses, but how can this compete with becoming an ‘actual’ princess for a day? The wonderful people of Disney have now joined forces with the personnel at Harrods and have created the incredible Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, just as you will find in the Disney Park in Florida. With the wave of a glittering magical wand and the swish of those pretty ball gowns your little princess can be transformed into a real deal Disney princess. The staff at the boutique promise to turn your little girl into her favourite princess for the day, although the service does come at a price. This once in a lifetime experience will set doting parents back anywhere from £100 for a basic transformation up to a whopping £1000 for the full royal experience.

Photo by Justin Ennis
Photo by Justin Ennis

Cinderella Experience

The whole theme of the boutique is linked to the appearance of Cinderella’s fairy godmother and the magic that turns her from dowdy house maid into glittering princess. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is the first of its kind in the UK. There are five levels of experience on offer which cater for children between three and twelve years of age. All of the experiences come with face painting, hair styling and a costume and can cost from £50 for the very basic package up to £1000. This is of course no ordinary boutique; it is located inside a fairy tale castle situated inside the massive store. The rooms inside the castle are made to look like stone walled castle chambers and the children are introduced to their fairy godmother through a magical looking glass before they are taken into the makeover room itself. The transformation process is performed by a ‘fairy godmother in training’ who will tell the children a story as they work their own kind of magic.

Not Just For Girls

Despite appearances this is not a female only attraction as boys too can have their own version of the magical makeover and be transformed into the bravest knights of the realm. During the makeover procedure the children are surrounded by sparkling chandeliers, plush velvet sofas and shining gilt mirrors. The dressing tables in each makeover room are themed to the princess of choice, for example Snow White’s dressing table has shiny red apples on it, with a red rose placed on the dressing table of Belle. Many of the children have been stunned into silence by the magic of the experience of being transformed and have thoroughly loved the whole process. Harrods is also home to a Disney Store and has its own Disney Café too. Harrods have worked closely with designers to design and produce the beautiful Disney princess dresses. Booking is required for the services of the boutique and each booking can be for a maximum of three children at any one time, aged between three and twelve years old.

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