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Bearsden is located on the outskirts of Glasgow and is one of the more affluent of the city’s suburbs. It is a fantastic place to stay if you are looking to be close to the city without the hustle and bustle of distracting city noises. It also makes a great location if you want to explore this part of Scotland as the cities of Edinburgh and Stirling are also within easy reach.

Photo by Paul Robertson
Photo by Paul Robertson

Part of the Roman Antonine wall runs through the town and once here you will find that there are some very well preserved remains from Roman times. You will find the remains of what was once a military bath house, remnant of the past that still draws many people to the area. Bearsden was once only a tiny hamlet, and it was not until the city of Glasgow started to flourish during the nineteenth century that Bearsden also started to grow. The village became the home of the wealthy business class who earned their living in the city but wanted more luxurious surroundings for their homes.

About Bearsden

There are a number of stories about how the town was named. For a long time the place was known as New Kilpatrick, and one story tells that the town was named Bearsden as the local Laird was known to keep a bear within the grounds of his estate. The heart of the town is known locally as Bearsden Cross and this is where you will find all of the bars and restaurants as well as many high street names and independent retailers. The Bearsden Cross marks the crossroads of the old Roman Road with the more modern A809. Wherever you look in the town you will notice that you are in sight of a church. The railway station is situated just to the south of Bearsden Cross and provides a transport link to the rest of the country, so you won’t have far to travel back to your lodgings after a day of exploration by train. Not surprisingly the ancient remains of the Roman bath house are located along the site of the Roman Road alongside the line of the Antonine Wall.

Things to See and Do

In Scotland you are seemingly never far from a golf course and there are plenty to choose from here should you with to take to the green. Plus, just a short drive out of town you will find a number of attractions for all the family. Pay a visit to Kelvingrove Park, a beautiful Victorian park which is located by the River Kelvin which offers a number of different sporting activities while also being home to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Also within the park you will find bowling greens, tennis courts and children’s play areas as well as a modern skateboard park. Alternatively you could spend the day at Loch Ardinning which is just a couple of miles out of town and is home to a large nature reserve. Here you will find a number of different species of wildfowl including the tufted duck, curlew and black grouse.

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