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Achiltibuie overlooks the Summer Isles, and is nestled in a gorgeous landscape of mountains, islands and the sea. Full of amazing sights and exciting things to be discovered, the coasts and islands of this linear village have some of the best diving, kayaking and sailing anywhere in Scotland, with a whole range of sea caves and sheltered bays to discover and clean, sandy beaches to relax on.

Photo by Sandy Buchanan
Photo by Sandy Buchanan

Walking and Hiking

If you’re looking for a nature break with plenty of opportunities for walking and hiking, Achiltibuie will not disappoint. With dramatic mountain routes providing stunning views of the mountains of Torridon in the south and the peaks of Assynt in the north, avid walkers can also choose from easier, peaceful coastal walks which follow the sandy shoreline and rocky coves along the beaches or besides the cool, clear burns rolling down the hillside.

Rock Climbing

Easily accessible by a short walk from the road, the sandstone sea cliffs at Reiff, Achiltibuie are renowned by rock climbers for their many routes and the quality of the rock climbing experience. The sea cliffs are Reiff are known as some of the most beautiful places for rock climbing in Britain, and should definitely not be missed by anybody looking to try rock climbing for the first time or those who are already avid climbers during a visit to Achiltibuie.

Peace and Quiet

For many of those visiting Achiltibuie, the main factor which draws them to the area is the peace and quiet. Idyllic and peaceful, it is the perfect destination for anybody looking for a break away from the beaten path which allows them to relax and unwind whilst getting away from everyday life. As beautiful as it is, Achiltibuie isn’t a huge tourist hotspot, and is therefore an ideal choice for anybody who is looking to visit a secluded area with no queues or crowds. Indeed, you can go a whole day in Achiltibuie without meeting anybody else, with plenty of beaches where you can sit with only the wildlife for company.

Where to Stay

Achiltibuie itself comprises of around two miles of sparsely strung out habitation, on a hillside overlooking the coast. There is a selection of accommodation to choose from in the town, with a youth hostel, a variety of B&B establishments and the Summer Isles Hotel, which is renowned for its fine dining. The Summer Isles Bar which is located at the hotel and serves food and drink, offers a more informal atmosphere and is well-known for being friendly and welcoming.

Achiltibuie itself definitely isn’t somewhere that you stumble across by accident, as getting there takes a conscious decision to brave the winding, hilly roads that lead to this picturesque area. But, a visit to Achiltibuie is definitely worth it to catch a glimpse of the spectacular costal views that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. When the weather is nice, Achiltibuie is the perfect place to pass your time, with stunning seascapes and plenty of opportunities for hiking, climbing, boating and picnics.

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