Whipsnade Zoo

Located in Dunstable, Bedfordshire in England, Whipsnade Zoo is a combination safari park and a zoo. It is owned by the ZSL, Zoological Society of London. This organisation is a charity that works to preserve the habitats of wildlife.

Photo by Paula Funnell
Photo by Paula Funnell

With over 600 acres of land in this park, the zoo is considered home by more than 2000 animals. These animals have the opportunity to roam and walk in habitats that are very similar to the homelands they are familiar with. This provides visitors to the zoo the chance to cruise through these habitats via the Jumbo Express train, or they can choose to visit the animals while driving in their cars. Whatever mode of transport you choose to navigate the zoo, you can be certain that you will have an epic adventure during your visit.

Lookout Lodge

This experience is a once in a lifetime chance to experience the zoo in a way that few visitors have. It is a great opportunity for those who love animals, and it is a great escape for those who simply want to take a small break from their daily routine. Although Whipsnade is very magical during the day, the magnificence of the zoo is expounded at night.

Visitors can enjoy three after hours tours that provide exclusive access to the zoo. These tours take place in the morning, at sunset and by torchlight. You can also enjoy a complete English breakfast and a two course dinner in the evening. Savour the two day access that you will have to the zoo with the option to visit the London Zoo on your final day.

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House at Whipsnade Zoo is one of the largest of any other zoo in the UK. It features over 30 different types of butterflies from around the world, and you will be able to stand among hundreds of beautiful and exquisite butterflies.

This exhibit not only offers a tropical experience, it is also a great place for the entire family to learn more about nature. Whilst travelling through the butterfly domain, visitors will enter the Metamorphosis Zone that is completely interactive. In this interactive area, you will be able to observe every stage of life cycle for a caterpillar/butterfly.

Keeper for a Day

The fun Keeper for a Day program at Whipsnade Zoo will give you the opportunity to get up close with many of the most popular animals at the zoo. You will also gain an interesting aspect into the daily lives of the zoo’s keepers.

This is the only Keeper for a Day program in the entire country, and you can work with giraffes, elephants and rhinos all in a single day. Expect to work with animals of all sizes, and after you are kitted into your outfit you will have a short brief with the employed keepers before heading to your post. During the day, you will spend time with rhinos, giraffes, meerkats and Asian elephants.

No matter how young or old you are, Whipsnade Zoo is the best location for a hands on experience with some of the world’s most exquisite animals. The emphasis on endangered species and conservation, in addition to the steam train and railway, helps to give a balanced and traditional feel to the zoo.

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