Warner Brothers Studio Tour – the Making of Harry Potter

Since J K Rowling first published the original Harry Potter book, the tales of this young wizard and his friends have become something of a global phenomenon.  The movies made of the novels have been entertaining families of all ages for the past decade and now the film studio doors are being opened so that fans of Potter and his friends can go behind the scenes and discover how these incredible blockbuster movies were made.  From being able to explore the incredibly detailed film sets through to the intricate animatronics and famous costumes the tour offers Potter fans a glimpse into the magical world of film making that made the Harry Potter films such an astounding success.

Photo by Rebekah Huges
Photo by Rebekah Huges

Highlights of the Tour

With so many features to discover and explore, here are a few of the highlights that you will be able to experience.

  • Walk inside the Great Hall that was used in all of the Harry Potter films.
  • Discover the treasures that line the walls in the office of Hogwarts Head Teacher, Dumbledore.
  • Walk the cobbled streets of magical Diagon Alley, and marvel at the array of shop fronts that line the street, from Ollivander’s famous wand shop to Eeylops incredible Owl Emporium.
  • Get up close and personal with Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broom and the motorcycle ridden my Hagrid the Giant.
  • Step inside the iconic Griffindor common room, and Hagrid’s Hut, the Potion’s Classroom and the office of Professor Umbridge inside the Ministry of Magic.
  • Learn about green screen technology and how it was used to bring some of the magical creatures in the films to life.
  • See some of the life sized models of some of the films more memorable creatures.

The Secret’s Out

The tour opens to the public on March 31st 2012 and it offers to be an incredible and memorable experience for everyone that visits.  The estimated tour time is a full three hours as you are encouraged to tour the studios at your own pace.  As well as some of the more precious treasures from the films visitors will also be able to get hands on with a number of interactive exhibits that promise to make you feel as though you are really in Potter’s magical world.

Tickets for this amazing tour are ONLY available in advance; you will NOT be able to buy a ticket if you just turn up at the studios on the day.  Details of the range of tickets available and the pricing structure can be found at http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/en/tickets/individuals

The studios are situated just 20 miles from the city centre, and are serviced regularly by public transport.  Visitors for the tour are advised to arrive a full twenty minutes before the start of their tour as tickets will need to be collected before you enter the studios, if you opted to have your tickets mailed out to you, you do not need to arrive so early and will be able to go straight to the tour.

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