Three Awesome Attractions in London on Saint Patrick’s Day 2015

Few holidays energize the rebellious nature of the human soul like Saint Patrick’s Day, which is held in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. Despite a healthy rivalry between Ireland and England, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many Saint Patrick’s Day events throughout the world that are more thorough and engaging than the ones that can be found in London. The entire city comes alive for this holiday, with many events to enjoy. We’ll talk about three of them below that you don’t want to miss.

Photo by Ben
Photo by Ben

Trafalgar Square Festivities

What’s better than a party with thousands of new friends? A free party with thousands of new friends! The festivities for Saint Patrick’s Day kick off in Trafalgar Square on March 15 for six hours, and will bring with them a great chance to experience first-hand Irish culture in a number of ways. The food snobs and connoisseurs will be able to hop to and fro between a number of food carts and stands set-up on the premises, festive fashion lovers will be able to grab some vibrantly green attire to be in accordance with the customs of Saint Patrick’s Day, and those looking to lighten the mood will certainly find plenty of Irish brews and drinks on-site to make things even more fun.

The Pub Crawl Experience

Rather abstract in concept but perfectly understandable to all, what St. Patrick’s Day experience would be complete without sampling all of that great Irish ale and brew that comes with the holiday?  With so many bars and pubs in the city and so much to consider when embarking on a pub crawl, many people – particularly tourists – don’t know where to begin. As such, you’ll find plenty of “chartered” pub crawl tours available in the city that will organize trips for people to go from one pub to the next. Many of these groups will even arrange proper transportation to ensure that both you and your vehicle arrive home safely. It goes without saying that not having a good round of drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day seriously limits the experience, so you must definitely consider partaking in the festivities like any good festival attendee would!

The Parade of All Parades

Rounding out your St. Patrick’s Day experience and perhaps the most popular attraction of the entire holiday, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in London is an exciting and sometimes raucous event in which hundreds of thousands of people line the streets to continue the big party and enjoy the festive atmosphere of this important holiday. Beginning at mid-day on March 15, the parade route will begin on Piccadilly and will pass along a route that takes it by some of the most prominent icons of the London landscape, including The Ritz, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. In fact, the parade and the events at Trafalgar Square coincide with one another; many people follow the parade to the square and then continue the festivities from there. With dozens of floats, plenty of confetti and a lot of drunken banter, you’re guaranteed to experience a lively atmosphere for sure at this main event.

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