The London Dungeons

When you are tired of the beautiful architecture, rich culture and retail therapy that the city of London has to offer, why not try discovering the darker side to this vibrant metropolis and transport yourself back to some of the darker moments in the capitals history by visiting the macabre worlds of the London Dungeons.

Photo by Donna Rutherford
Photo by Donna Rutherford

What to Expect

With live actors, incredible shows, interactive special effects and even rides you will be part of a unique experience that you will never forget.  Everything that you see portrayed within the dungeons is based on 1000 years of historical fact, though two fictional events are also portrayed in the Sweeny Todd segment and Vengeance Ride.  See for yourself the ravages of the plague, the destruction of the Great Fire of London, and the brutality of the torture chamber and experience the fear that stalked the streets of Whitechapel during the reign of Jack the Ripper.  Prepare to be thrilled and chilled by the experience that awaits you.

The Experience Timeline

Prepare to begin your journey in the crypt of ‘All Hallows Church’.  In the pre-17th Century surroundings you will be introduced to the crypt keeper who will relate tales of strange happenings and ghostly occurrences as you enter the ‘Labyrinth of the Lost’.  1665 sees the bubonic plague sweeping the city, bodies lay in the street and a bell tolls as a voice cries “Bring out your dead!”  The Great Fire of London hits the city in 1666 and you find yourself inside a small bakery on Pudding Lane the sounds and smells of the blaze filling the room.  Primitive surgery techniques are illustrated in ‘Blood & Guts’ and not all of the patients are willing to undergo their procedure.

Next, and not for the faint hearted comes the torture chamber, filled with implements for inflicting pain and producing confessions, be careful what you volunteer for! An 18th Century courtroom is the next port of call where you may face being placed on trial by the judges and sentenced whether guilty or not.  Journey through ‘Bedlam’ in a state of fear and confusion, your destination is Traitors Gate where a journey down the Thames to meet your executioner is in store.

Take a trip to Fleet Street to meet Sweeny Todd and Mrs Lovett, perhaps stay for a (very) close shave before leaving for a Victorian séance in the most haunted house in Victorian London.  (This is the Dungeon’s unique 5D experience).  If you make it through the séance, 1888 and Whitechapel await.  Visit the scenes of butchery left by Jack the Ripper and hear stories of murder and mutilation.  Back in the chapel you will face the judgement of Bloody Mary before taking the final ride on the Drop Rise to Doom, your journey to the gallows.


The London Dungeons are not for those of a nervous disposition or very young children.  Children under 15 years old will not be allowed entry unless accompanied by an adult.  Height restrictions apply to rides.


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