The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013

For six whole days, from the 9th-14th July the grounds of Hampton Court Palace are given over to the blaze of colour that is the flower show. This is the biggest of all of the flower and garden shows that take place every year. It is not just about the floral displays though as aside from the flowering plants you can also learn everything you need to know about growing your own produce in your own garden. Plus you can pick up some invaluable tips on getting the best from your garden in the UK’s unpredictable climate. If you see a piece of kit that you decide you simply can’t live without while you are here there is even a shop where you can buy everything that you need to get your garden looking good.

Photo by Sarah
Photo by Sarah

Floral Delights

Thousands of people come to the show every year to marvel at what can be achieved with some imagination and some well planned planting. There are at least fifty specially designed show gardens to enjoy, including some in the water garden category, which is a unique category for this event. The rose marquee is filled with fragrance and one of the top attractions every year. Up and coming designers can bring their ideas to life in the conceptual gardens, and make their mark in the industry. Of course the event is not just about looking at the plants and relaxing in the aromatic atmosphere, this is a show and competition is fierce! The judges from the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) make their viewing and award prizes on the first day of the show. As you wander around the gardens and show grounds you can decide for yourself whether you agree with the judges or not.

For the Children

This is not an event that is solely aimed at adults. Children under the age of sixteen can visit for free, and they will delight in some of the child friendly attractions that are included at this year’s show.

  • International Scarecrows – Visit the ‘Grow Centre’ and you will find an array of scarecrows that have been submitted from the primary schools in the area. The theme that they have had to work with is ‘National Costumes’.
  • Busy Bees – Make a bumble bee hat, sow some bee friendly flowers or paint a plant pot to take away with you. Plus, learn all about why our bees are so important for our gardens.
  • Garvinea Competition – Once again the schools are in competition with each other. All of the Garvenia plants have been grown and nurtured by different local schools. Can you pick the best in show?
  • Bees & Butterflies: Go to the ‘Escape Zone’ and visit with the colourful inhabitants of the butterfly dome. See the bees in the bumblearium, and pay a visit to the pollinator’s garden and lean how you can make your garden for enticing for our insect friends. Plus you can also get your hands on some delicious honey too!

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