The budget UK getaway: How to do it

It might no longer be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but be under no illusions that it can still cost a pretty penny to visit London – or any other UK city for that matter. We’re not just talking about the cost of getting to the UK, either. Whether it is accommodation or just the standard cost of living – it all adds up. This is what today’s article is all about. If you are contemplating a trip to the UK, take a read of the following advice to help get your budget in order.

Be shrewd with your dates

One of the big things which drives up costs in the UK is the date in which you are travelling. If school holidays happen to correlate with these dates – prepare to experience a big hike in price.

It doesn’t matter whether you are booking a hotel in Cambridge, London or Newcastle – the same rules apply. School holidays tend to rule the roost when it comes to UK travel costs, so try and look into this as you plan your trip.

Not all attractions cost a fortune

If you are travelling to the UK with the belief that each and every attraction you tap visit is going to cost a fortune, you are mistaken. Sure, some are pricy, and again if we hone in on London, this is something that is particularly common.

However, there are some that are free as well. That’s right, all museums in the country are completely free to enter, while the same rules apply to a lot of cathedrals as well. It means that you can visit a lot of premier attractions without spending a penny.

The power of the free walking tour

In truth, this next cost-cutting measure isn’t unique to the UK – it happens all over the world. Walking tours have become incredibly popular over recent years, and for very good reason. They allow you to see a city in its full glory, with a local guide telling you all of the fine details that tourists often don’t find out about.

Considering the fact that some of the bus tours can set you back a significant sum of money every day, by seeing cities completely on foot you can save a decent sum of money.

On the subject of travel…

We’ve just mentioned travel in relation to walking tours, but from more of a functional perspective, you can also save by just taking a few shrewd decisions while on the move.

For example, when in London, it can become easy to scan your Oyster card and jump on the tube whenever you see a station. Well, some of these stations are actually quite close together, and it’s even quicker to walk between them. Save yourself a fare by taking such advice, while by the same token always prioritise walking by any other method of transport like taxi or bus as the traffic is likely to be your downfall anyway.

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