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Newport in Gwent is the third largest city in Wales; the city centre is filled with original Victorian buildings which gives the city a certain kind of timeless elegance. The last decade has seen a marked increase in the number of tourists coming to the city, especially during the summer which has led to further developments being made in the city to accommodate the extra influx of visitors. The city of Newport is situated by the side of the Severn Estuary and offers some wonderful landscapes and scenery to enjoy. With the disappearance of the coal and iron industries from the city tourism to the city of Newport has brought in much needed revenue and has encouraged the city to develop more visitor friendly attractions to increase the numbers of tourists that come to the city each year.

Photo by Geraint Rowland
Photo by Geraint Rowland

Explore the City

There are a number of visitor attractions around the city and one of the best ways to see them all is by taking one of the available open topped bus tours than run around the city each summer. Led by a guide, visitors can expect a commentary on all of the city’s sites and attractions which the guide combines with local knowledge and history to give you a colourful picture of the city at large. There are plenty of entertainment venues around the city from theatres to live music venues offering entertainment to suit all tastes, including intimate comedy clubs and themed entertainments.

If you enjoy wandering around beautiful gardens than you should head to Belle Vue Park which offers a wonderful 19th century garden filled with Victorian charm in which you can easily spend an enjoyable afternoon. There is also Beechwood Park a beautiful historic park which is just perfect for an afternoon picnic, with plenty of wide open space for the kids to run around in the park also offers tennis courts and a bowling green as part of the amenities.

Historic Buildings

As you make your way around the city you will notice some incredible buildings, noteworthy not only because of their beautiful architecture or their historic relevance, but because they bear the battle scars of a turbulent past. The Westgate Hotel for example still bears the damage caused in the 1839 Chartist Riots. Buildings in the city do not get much more historic than St Wollos Cathedral parts of which has been dated as being from the 11th century, and then of course there is Newport Castle itself with its wonderful octagonal towers and tranquil courtyard. You can even travel back to the times of the Roman occupation at the Caerleon Amphitheatre Barracks and Baths, here you will find the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress which is believed to be around two thousand years old. Newport really does cross the centuries in terms of visitor attractions and experiences.

Other Attractions

Newport is in itself an open air museum which offers visitors the chance to take a sculptural tour of the city, where you will be led around the city to view some incredible open air artworks. For those in search of a more traditional indoor experience the Newport Museum and Art Gallery offers just what you are looking for with plenty of offerings from internationally famous artists, as does the Riverfront Art Gallery which offers many different exhibitions and offerings throughout the year, plus there are also arts and crafts centres in which you can express your own artistic talents. While you are here you will also be able to catch the ferry which will take you over to the capital city of Cardiff which will make a wonderful day out while you are staying in Newport.

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