London’s New Years Eve Fireworks

If ever there was a city that knows how to throw a party it’s London. 2012 has been a fantastic year for the city, what with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the fantastic success of the London Olympics the city seems to have been partying for the best part of the year. What better way is there to round off such a spectacular year in the history of the city than by hosting a firework party that will see the year out in a blaze of colour and an explosion of sparkles? Viewing areas will be set up along the river banks for you to go to watch the entire display, but basically if you are in the city and are able to see the iconic form of the London Eye you will be able to see the fireworks.

Photo by jtlondon
Photo by jtlondon

Trafalgar Square

The fountains in Trafalgar Square have long been a meeting place for New Years Eve revellers, and to ensure that these hardy party goers do not miss out on any of the fireworks and associated spectacle, giant television screens are being set up around the square, which is sure to add a little something to the traditional celebrations that take place in the square every year. If you are travelling into the city to watch the display you should be aware that access to all of the viewing areas on both banks of the river are only able to fill to a certain capacity and once they are full those arriving will be moved along to the next available viewing area, the same applies to Trafalgar Square, it can only hold so many people, so when you are making your way out to the city centre or river bank it is best not to leave it too late.

Anyone looking to get a spot in one of the river bank viewing areas needs to be in their place by 23.30 or else they will not be able to see the display. The mayor’s office are advising people to be there by 22.00 at the very latest, based upon the number of people who attended last year. Access into the city will be restricted from 4pm New Years Eve through until 6am on New Years Day so bear this in mind when you make your travel plans.

Big Ben

As usual the chimes of Big Ben will ring out across the city heralding the start of a new year. The unmistakable sound of the bell will be relayed along the length of the embankment and across to Trafalgar Square so that no one will fail to miss the moment. Just as all of the revellers in the city will be celebrating at the sound of the first chime, so will households all over the country, each of us saying goodbye to what has been a fantastic year in terms of national pride, and hello to the year ahead.

Of course if you are unable to make it into the city yourself all the display will be televised as it happens on BBC1 so you can still get a sense of the atmosphere and feel a part of these incredible celebrations.

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