London Duck Tours

Sightseeing tours in any of the country’s major cities are ten-a-penny.  However this sightseeing tour of London offers you something else, something far different to all of the other tours you could take, and something you are going to remember for a very long time.  A ‘Duck Tour’ encompasses the city streets and the River Thames using the same vehicle and without ever getting your feet wet.  The kids will be amazed when the vehicle leaves the road and heads for the river, be prepared for some excited squeals as you make the splashdown into the water.

Photo by Andrew Bowden
Photo by Andrew Bowden

What is a ‘Duck’?

There are no feathers on this duck, it is in fact an amphibious vehicle that was designed and produced in 1942.  Half truck and half boat it runs just as easily on the water as it does on dry land.  It was originally designed to allow cargo to be unloaded directly onto a beach.  The Duck (or more correctly DUKW) earned its stripes in the D-Day landings, transporting over 40% of the supplies to the troops direct from boat to land without the need for small boats which would have been sitting targets, not only did it provide an invaluable service, it saved lives.

What you will be travelling in on London Duck Tours are original, authentic vehicles that were used in the 1944 D-Day landings, a unique piece of history to transport you around the very historically important city of London.  Passengers should be assured the vehicles have been thoroughly updated to meet today’s road and river safety regulations, they can comfortably carry 30 passengers and have all necessary safety equipment on board including a PA system.

The Tours

Each different tour lasts for approximately 75 minutes which includes 30 on the water.  Tour guides offer information about the city and the sights you are viewing as well as providing you with information about your mode of transport.  The ‘Classic Sightseeing Tour’ takes in all of the major sites and offers you history associated with the buildings you’ll see.  The tour sets out from the London Eye and goes off towards the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey before arriving at Downing Street.  From there it’s off to Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square to see Nelson atop his famous column.  Upmarket St James’ comes next and the Ritz Hotel before arriving at the gates of Buckingham Palace.  From the palace you will take in Tate Britain and MI5 and MI6 before heading off down the slipway for an exciting splashdown entry into the River Thames.

The ‘City Tour’ allows you to view the city from a historical perspective, taking in parts of the city that were significant during the Roman occupation and the next 2000 years.  On this tour you will be visiting Covent Garden, Fleet Street and the Royal Courts of Justice before marvelling at St Paul’s Cathedral.  After visiting the starting place of the Great Fire of London you’re into the literary settings of Shakespeare and Dickens before splashing down into the Thames.  The London Duck Tours are an experience you won’t ever forget!

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