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Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

The Lake District is one of the brightest jewels in Britain’s tourism crown. Not only are the area and the county of Cumbria incredibly picturesque with many scenes of astounding natural beauty seemingly around every corner, it also has some of the country’s best tourist attractions.

Photo by Marie Hale

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is one of the best places to visit in the area and offers adults and children alike a fantastic and educational experience of some of the world’s most exotic wildlife and plants. Part museum and part zoo, this oasis in the lakes is a great day out for all the family.

So Much to See and Do

The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis began as a small park in 1992, with just a butterfly house, aquarium, and tropical house for exotic plants, insects, and lizards.

Since then, it has grown to become one of the best, fully licensed zoos in the country. Its original exhibits are all still there, though a little larger than they used to be, and some amazing exhibits and animals have been added to give visitors more to do and extra value for money.

You can now see monkeys, meerkats, and lemurs at the zoo, as well as the popular snow leopards. There is also an excellent African Drylands area that houses Dik-Diks that are similar to deer but native to Africa.

Education as Well as Excitement

The zoo offers the chance to do more than just observe the animals and wildlife that live there; it gives people of all ages the opportunity to learn more about them and their habitats.

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis believes that conservation and education go hand-in-hand, and they take great steps to ensure that people who visit their wildlife zoo and conservation centre leave with a much better understanding of the animals, amphibians, and insects that they see there.

A walk through the centre begins with exhibits teaching visitors about DNA, and the evolution of animals across the planet. The centre is popular with schools all year round, and families with young children visit a lot through the summer and during half term.

Conservation is Key to Its Success

Though only a small site of just 3-acres, the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis accomplishes a lot through animal conservation and uses captive breeding to protect wildlife from the UK and the rest of the world.

Their captive breeding programme is a part of the European Breeding Programme, and work with zoos and wildlife centres all over Europe to ensure the health of the animals and ensure the survival of these species. You can also adopt some of the animals that live there to help feed and maintain them, which makes a great gift for an animal loving friend or family member.

The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is a fantastic day out for the whole family, and is nestled just five minutes away from the M6 motorway, which makes it easily accessible for visitors from around the country. Its diverse mix of animals, amphibians and insects offers education, as wells as entertainment to both adults and children.

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