Comedy Clubs And Cabaret

London has an eclectic mix of night life, from the bars and clubs where the bright young things all dance the night away, and the places where people go simply to be seen, there is a whole other world of entertainment just waiting to be discovered. See an alternative side of the city in one of the many amazing cabaret bars or spend the night laughing at one of the wide range of comedy clubs that the city is becoming famous for. There is much more to be had from a night out than dinner and a theatre show, so discover just what else London has to offer.

Photo by KylaBorg
Photo by KylaBorg

The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

So ok, it doesn’t sound like the classiest of venues but it is the place to go to be well and truly entertained. The venue is still very much in the grip of the 1970’s in the terms of décor, but it all adds to the atmosphere and ambience of the place. Venture upstairs in what was once a meeting place for the men of the East End and you will discover a veritable melting pot of entertainment. If you are looking for kitsch, this place has it by the bucket full. It is not only the entertainers that you will find are dressed up to the nines but the audience too are not afraid to don their corsets and obligatory feather boas as well. In house DJ’s, Karaoke, disco and all kinds of entertainment go on here, plus if you really want to throw yourself into it, there is bingo too. Be warned, it can be quite raunchy!

The Comedy Café

It might not be the slickest or most well presented of the comedy clubs in the city but it is said to be the venue that the performers prefer. The atmosphere is intimate and laid back and the stage doesn’t set the performer too far away from his audience either. The food is good and simple and the drinks offer good value for money. Wednesday nights are new talent nights so be prepared for the not so good as well as the brilliant. The best nights to go for an evening of superb comedy are Fridays and Saturdays.

The Comedy Store

Probably one of the best known comedy clubs in London, it is widely regarded as the spiritual home of the stand up comedian in the UK. Despite the size of the venue it still manages to provide an intimate atmosphere, and its location in the city means that it attracts a broad ranging clientele. This is the place where some of the most famous faces in British comedy have been discovered from Eddie Izzard to Jennifer Saunders. It is best to try and book tickets for the club well in advance for the weekend performances. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights promise the very best in stand up comedy, so be prepared to leave with your face aching from laughing too hard for too long.

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