Burlesque In London

Enjoy a night out in the city of London and you will find that there is more to do than prop up the bar in one of the many pubs, or work your way through the cocktail list in a swanky wine bar. London is awash with entertainment venues from comedy clubs to variety shows, but there is one form of entertainment that is growing rapidly in the city and that is the burlesque club.  Burlesque is no longer looked upon as something sordid, watched by men in trench coats in the back of a seedy bar. Burlesque has come out into the open as something for adults from all walks of life to enjoy. For a night to remember head to one of the venues where the costume consists of strategically placed tassels and the feathers are plentiful.


Photo by Martin SoulStealer
Photo by Martin SoulStealer


What could be better than heading for a memorable night out to one of London’s quirkiest venues? The Cellardoor is a grand Victorian building, it was a building built for a purpose and that purpose was to be a public toilet. One thing the Victorians did was build things to last and so the building survives today, still serving the public on a daily basis, only now the interior is comfortable and chic.

The steps that lead down to the venue are directly opposite the famous Lyceum Theatre. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate and the cocktails are well worth sampling. To add to the quirkiness of the venue you will find that they sell good old fashioned snuff behind the bar too. The overwhelming colour of the décor is purple, with neon being a big feature, and in honour of the building’s original purpose they have some rather unusual toilet facilities. Most evenings the stage is filled with either cabaret or burlesque shows. Entering the Cellardoor is very much like stepping back in time and through the doors of a good old speakeasy, if you want atmosphere this place has it in bucket loads.

Madame Jojo’s

One look inside at the garish red décor and you will know instantly that this now reputable venue was once a sleazy strip club, the very thing that Soho was one infamous for. Cosy booths, gilt mirrors and all of the trappings and accessories that you would associate with the sleazier side of night clubbing are still very much in residence here. But all of that adds to the atmosphere now, a voluptuous backdrop to nights filled with comedy, cabaret and of course a few cheeky burlesque shows. If you are looking for a night out with a difference head to Madame Jojo’s on a Sunday night and you will come face to face with just about anything from belly dancing to the very best in burlesque. Visit on a Friday or even Saturday and you will find that you can enjoy dinner as well as a show, before the DJ’s take to the stage and the place starts moving to a very different beat.

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