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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is one of the most unique attractions in the United Kingdom. Located in the beautiful capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, Camera Obscura is a collection of illusions which visitors experience through a range of interactive exhibits. Among the many dazzling exhibits at Camera Obscura, the beautiful views of the city available from the rooftop terrace stand out.

Photo by Evan Grant

Fun for all Ages

Camera Obscura is an attraction that has something to offer everyone in your family. Both kids and adults will find plenty to like about a trip through the attractions here. Despite the small location, there is a huge amount to do; a lot has been squeezed in! It is easy to whittle away hours while you work your way between the various attractions and illusions.

Kids will have a blast experiencing the optical illusions, especially if they haven’t encountered these phenomena before, but these attractions aren’t going to appeal to all adults. For the adults who aren’t tempted by the main attractions, the top of the building offers some breathtaking views of Edinburgh.

Because Camera Obscura stays open until late, closing at 21:00, it is one of the best vantage points to get some night time shots of Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile

Camera Obscura is located on Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, which itself sits at the very heart of Scotland’s historic capital. The Royal Mile is home to a variety of retail outlets, bars, restaurants, and a number of other attractions. Not only is there plenty to do along the Royal Mile, but the walkway is flanked by some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Edinburgh is renowned for the distinctive architecture which defines the beauty of the city.

As well as the usual spending opportunities, the Royal Mile also contains historical sites, notably St. Giles Cathedral and, of course, the Scottish Parliament building, one of the most modern of its type.

The Historic City of Edinburgh

Edinburgh puts most English cities to shame when it comes to the amount of history and culture on offer. In fact, Edinburgh easily ranks amongst the most important cities for the United Kingdom as a whole. Edinburgh is a cultural, historical, economic, and scientifically important city. It is one of those places where you can wander wherever your heart takes you and find plenty to keep you interested.

A short walk away from the Royal Mile is Edinburgh’s renowned Grassmarket. In medieval times the Grassmarket served as both a public market and a site for executions to be carried out. The last execution was carried out here in 1784, although many of the pubs in the area are in some way themed around the bloody history of the place. Today however, Grassmarket is one of the city’s most-visited areas and is very popular with students and tourists.

Camera Obscura is an excellent day out for the entire family. Both adults and kids alike will find plenty to keep them entertained, and you can break up your day by exploring the fabulous city of Edinburgh. The city is overflowing with history, culture, and things to do.

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